A statement on behalf of Andy Vance

RT – A statement on behalf of Andy Vance. #FreeAndyVance pic.twitter.com/nxZ5PnNCbw

free Andy Vance


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7 thoughts on “A statement on behalf of Andy Vance

  1. Liars and cowards will always seem to win. But it is the truth in men’s hearts will be the ultimate victory. It is time a higher authority than us took some action and exposed these legal thugs for what they are. Come on Celtic and dare I whisper UEFA? Is it time to invoke the European Court? This has gone beyond football.

    Thoughts and prayers are with Andy, Padraig and their families and friends.

    H H

  2. Pity the Dutch couldn’t show these levels of violence back in 1939!! When the Nazi’s came to visit!!!

  3. wether or not andy was guilty of anything it seems very much not being the word if this happened over here the culprit would not be sitting in jail in the same clothes they had on and definetly would not be sitting missing teeth or having a suspected broken jaw we treat illegal immigrants better in this country surely the goverment should be getting involved and asking what the fuck is going on over there

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