Judge for yourself.

You be the first to judge for yourself.

People can think and judge things for themselves right, can’t they ?.

We all have judgements to make, we make them every day, don’t we ?.

Some decisions are based on judgements we regret, but with others we rejoice in having made them, still, either way they are our individual choices.

These choices can be based on undeniable evidence, presumption, assumption, peer pressure, logical debate, common sense, perception, visible assessment, gut instinct and hunch.

We base our judgements rather a lot on trust, we base them on information, we base them on history, we base them on belief.

Judgements can of course be costly, they can cost an individual or others, but we still make them knowing this. In itself another judgement.

People judge other people, they judge companies, businesses, weather forecasts and more, people are their own judge of the climate or character.

Inside Scottish football today, we have lots of different characters, we judge them by a lot of those judgement traits above and plenty more beside.

We individually or collectively judge them, especially if truly interested in the concept of the sport.

If your judgement may be, that corruption, under handedness, unfairness, inequality or imbalance is endemic within that field, then why oh why would one’s judgement be, believed by one’s self to be sound, to pay fee’s in acceptance of it ?.

For those fee’s may be judged as using very poor financial judgement indeed. Personal fiscal ‘Armageddon’ even.

My judgement on this would be that it wouldn’t be any misjudgment of my part to judge that one could well be,… insane.

Consider all this and then on conclusion, judge for yourself.


Contentious Pest.

1 thought on “Judge for yourself.

  1. CP

    My financial judgements have been insane all my life. That is why I am now judged to be “skint”. Looking back, though, I am happy with my “judgements” for they were all made with the best intentions. My dear old mother used to say, if you spend with a generous heart you will receive a hundredfold in return. I hope she meant in the next life for I have never had a whiff of a hundredfold down here. But then, being a true Scotsman, I have never spent with a generous heart. Most of the time my hand has got stuck somewhere deep in my pockets. As for the football fees, well I look at the good work that is carried out in the name of if not because of football clubs and I judge that to be worth while. But then I ask myself why I am strapped up in a canvas jacket on back to front?

    H H

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