The Living Wage And ‘That Joke’.

The Living Wage And ‘That Joke’.

So as we all know that joke cracked by Peter Lawwell at the AGM yesterday has taken the spotlight off the shameful decision by the Celtic board not to implement a Living wage at Celtic. I have seen lots of people make negative comments on social media about Lawwell making that joke to divert attention from the Living wage resolution.

Personally I don’t think that was Lawwell’s raison de’tre for cracking that joke. However I can see why some others would. I honestly believe hew was deliberately baiting Sevco  and their support, who have taken the bait hook, line and sinker. I’m looking forward to the outcome of their ‘complaint’ to the ‘relevant’ authorities. Now that will be fun 🙂

I would like to assure all our readers and the wider Celtic support that regardless of the joke the fight for a living wage for Celtic employees goes on. I have had discussions with Jeanette Findlay (the wummin aff the telly) over the past few weeks regarding keeping this fight going. We already knew the millionaires on the PLC board had the proxies to kill the resolution, therefore we knew we would have to continue the fight after the AGM.

So please be in no doubt that The Celtic Trust, this site and others will continue to put pressure on the PLC board to implement a Living Wage at Celtic.

That joke does not change one thing.

Hail, Hail


That Joke Changes Nothing - We want a living wage
That Joke Changes Nothing – We want a living wage

3 thoughts on “The Living Wage And ‘That Joke’.

  1. I too, am extremely angry about the outcome on yesterday’s resolution being voted down, however I am hopeful that people don’t let this issue slip by the way side and pressure is heaped on the board, to ensure that the only sound and just outcome is reached. HH.

  2. Hi Wullie

    I am not so sure very many thought the joke was a deliberate ploy to distract attention from other issues. However, I think many were making the point it should not be subsequently portrayed as such to lessen the disgrace of rejecting the Living Wage resolution. There was some reporting, and not always in non-Celtic publications, that seemed to place more emphasis on Mr. Lawwell’s comic skills than on the board’s powers to reject.

    H H

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