A contorted straight face of pure cheek.

A contorted straight face of pure cheek.

Well how can they, how do they manage it, keep a straight face that is ?.

When people in everyday life are asked to produce identification there are usually sound reasons for it and Birth & Death certificates are often used as proof of a beginning and of course an end. It’s seen as proof and verification of existence you see.

Claims on an assortment of topics can far more easily be considered when such proof is acknowledged.

These certificates help to assess what one may be due or indeed owe.

They allow assessment in a whole range of other fields and they ensure those proposed assessments are prescribed to the correct persons/groups or businesses.

They tell who one is or was & what age they are or indeed where. They show a history before it ceased to exist, with the exception only being one of fond memory.

This is where an emotional attachment on continuation proceeds to claim importance over where the fact of a life line ends.

Rather than simply stating documented fact or telling an all too obvious truth, some seriously deluded press and pundit guys in Scotland, by their own crazy logic, seem to be seeking to redefine the eligibility of that proof and they do so quite happily in support of a deceased football club whom it appears to them can dismiss poorly ailments but regain full health status besides. ‘It’s a modern-day miracle’.

The continuation of that emotionally charged club is super important for them.

Apart from perhaps personally preferring that club or company, the continuation of which it’s hoped would sell very well for them, well at least they hope for that continuation to do so, despite sales continuing to slump regardless of now laughable attempts to reconstitute the life gene as eternal.

It’s a never-ending tale which must have an end for its said where there is a beginning there always has been.

The Infinity fc. Surely can’t be a realistic probability can it ?.

You see they continue to try to tell us, convince us even, that a Rangers football club previously administrated and now in the finality of the liquidation process are somehow still the same club very much alive and well.

According to them the club is still the same age and bearing all the same identification markings and historical references, certificates to the contrary are purely by the by, infinity insists.

Administration : 1. Law: A collection of assets that make up the estate of a deceased person by a court-appointed administrator to pay off the deceased’s debts, and to distribute the remaining assets to the estate’s beneficiaries.

The scream goes out..’ Naw but that wiz the company !!

Liquidation : 1. When a business or firm is terminated or bankrupt, its assets are sold and the proceeds pay creditors. Any leftovers are distributed to shareholders.

2. Any transaction that offsets or closes out a long or short position.

The scream goes out.. ‘ Naw but that wiz the auld club !!

You might note the words ‘deceased’ & ‘terminated’ for a handy clue to discrediting the present press pundit fantasy if your factual side refuses to give way to the emotional tear jerk and deep desire to reverse the concepts of reality and fantasy, fact or fiction.

Scream… ‘Don’t you bloody listen… That wiz the company !!’

That counter argument inevitably of course rings out in shock horror ‘but that wiz the company not the club’ whilst most of the rest of us refrain from indulging in a Disney like cartoon clutch at a desperate straw.

So why would they do so, why would this be so ?.

They seek to convince us all that due to deep emotional ties paperwork pertaining to an end as with the birth or death certificate is merely an irrelevance in comparison to one’s deeply emotional attachment.

Of course we ‘everybody playing with it’ know that that’s poppycock don’t we, for these certificates would then be pointless in any form and human beings themselves could then claim to be of any age and any character they wanted and oh what an even bigger mess society would be in then.

Without certificates and a compliance with them, then life as we know it would cease to exist whilst one’s existence itself could never cease.

Frustrated screaming now..  ‘Naw but that wiz the clumpany !!’. It never existed !!

Yes I know, that’s as confusing as a contorted straight face of pure cheek, the contorted straight faces of these pundits with their take on issues surrounding that defunct club, but that’s what’s being attempted.

In a contorted reversal of fact, Death after life has ceased to exist, good news for us all.

It’s a miracle I tell you, a miracle !!.

If only everyone was as stupid as the contorted straight faces had hoped eh, real life would be an absolute dawdle.

Pull the wool over, cover the eyes, a quick whisk back from the light onto the operating table, throw on some similar clothing and hey presto..

How dare some contort a hard worked fiction eh.

Let’s all just carry on as normal, forever.


Contentious Pest


7 thoughts on “A contorted straight face of pure cheek.

  1. It’s time the Celtic Trust with support of the associations and fans pulled together a fund and raised a court action to put an end to this charade. This has become tiresome and we need to finish it before THEY get back to the SPL and claim unbroken history through their pals at the SFA…just a thought!

  2. CP

    Oh the peace of leaving this boring and bedraggled saga behind. Unfortunately there are those in numerous and varied circles who wish to continue the music hall Ibrox farce. In such an environment it is very difficult to ignore the performance no matter how mundane and amateurish the players and critics might be. I guess for some time yet,we will have to endure the rantings of the sports press and the whimpering gasps of their dying masters before we can finally confine the routine to the pits and put a lid on it. If they won’t shut up, I suppose it is hard to ignore them. I just hope it does not distract us from bigger issues nearer home and much more personal.

    However, it was nice to have an explanation a la Holmes deductive powers or, as the simple say, elementary, my dear sir.

    H H

    1. Only too pleased to attempt clarity amid such obsessive media manipulations. Appreciate reply.

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