Obsessed – The New Paranoid

Obsessed – The New Paranoid

I don’t partake in the SMSM but courtesy of social media I’m picking up news that the latest line from that disgraced body is the Celtic fans are ‘obsessed’ with Rangers/Sevco. So it appears that obsessed is the new stick to beat us with now that ‘paranoid’ has left the building. They have been forced to retire ‘paranoid’ due to the fact that the truths that have surfaced have proved we were not. If you look over the past 30 years and read Paul Larkin’s The Asterisk Years you could only arrive at the conclusion that we were not paranoid enough.

The employment by the SMSM of ‘obsessed’ is clearly designed to undermine and diminish the voice of many Scottish football fans but especially the Celtic support. However the truth is that there has been a scam run by sevco aided and abetted by the Scottish football authorities and the SMSM. The scam is very simple, pretend that the new ‘The Rangers’ are the same club as the Dead Rangers which entered liquidation in 2012.

So once again for the ‘avoidance of doubt’ here are the facts.

  1. On Thursday 14/06/2012 Rangers FC PLC were liquidated  (source Evening Times http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/140-years-of-rangers-liquidated-after-just-8-minutes-of-meeting.17875998) 
  2. Shortly after. A new company Sevco Scotland bought assets of the liqudated PLC from administrators Duff and Phelps. (ownership of these assets is debatable as Sevco 5088 may own some of the assets).
  3. The new company then had to apply for their new club to gain membership of the Scottish football league. The SFL granted their new club ‘Associate’ membership. (In keeping with the rules on new clubs entering the SFL)
  4. The new company then had to apply for their new club to gain a licence to play in Scottish football from the SFA. They succeeded and the spare licence available after the liquidation of  Rangers FC PLC was transferred to the new club. (Please note that this licence could have been transferred to any new club which applied. Licences are not the property of any one club but the SFA as the games governing body)

I could have wrote a more in depth list but I feel the above will suffice as proof that The Rangers are a new club. I could have also gone into great detail of why the new club should never have been given any membership of the SFL in the first place.

Rather than do their job and fulfill their professional obligations the SMSM have decided to brand anyone correctly believes in the above facts as being ‘obsessed’. I agree, we are obsessed with With the truth, With having a clean game, With exposing cheats and with Justice. Therefor I encourage all Scottish football supporters and especially the Celtic support to remain obsessed until the truth is acknowledged and justice served.

On a side issue. There is a bit of tension building on social media within our support regarding some of our support concentrating solely on the Rangers/Sevco issue while we have our own problems to address. My personal view is that they guys locked up in Amsterdam, the Living wage and sections of our support being criminalised and harassed should be our main focus. However the sevco/sfa omnishambles also has to be addressed.

Obviously it is up to the individual to decide where their priorities lie and what cause they want to put their energy into. We should also as a support try not to snipe at each other online just because we may feel one fight is more important than another. We have enough people outside the Celtic family queuing up to have a kick at us. Please don’t give them ammunition.

I’ll finish by saying this. If you are genuinely fighting against corruption and collusion within the game then you have you will always have support from TCN. However if you are banging on about RFC/sevco just because you don’t like or even hate them then you are not helping or adding value to the fight against corruption in Scottish football. In fact you are empowering those who wish to employ the ‘obsessed’ tag.

Hail, Hail.

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3 thoughts on “Obsessed – The New Paranoid

  1. If the smsm printed the truth then we would not need to be so obsessed. There are other priorities and differences of opinion, but surely every football fan who is not of the undead (pun meant) must be incensed at this attempted whitewash and scapegoating by the media.

  2. Wullie

    If we are obsessed, it is because we are bulldozed into it. I am sure all football fans would wish the Old Rangers, The Rangers, Forest Rangers and Shooting Range(r)s would get free tickets for Richard Branson’s rocket to Mars. We may be obsessed but it is the SMSM that keeps it alive by misreporting on practically a daily basis when they have no ill founded bad press to expose Celtic or its fans. It is a bit like feeding a family with a daily dose of strychnine then complaining that social services are checking up every day. Besides, it is part of the distortion to imply that ordinary people have neither the right nor the ability to assess and challenge.

    If we have a commitment to football in Scotland then we must oppose anything that endangers or contaminates it. In doing so, it is important to retain a balance between what is for the general good and the needs of our own club. Personal agendas will do nothing to enhance any good cause though the odd bit of humour has rarely harmed a good point of view.

    I agree wholeheartedly, Wullie. Vendettas, personal gripes or, even worse mud slinging should be held at bay, especially among ourselves. Supporting football at any level is fundamentally about enthusiasm and opinion. There is no reason why both can not be accommodated in controlled and sensible debate based on fact.

    H H

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