The Infirm Mismatch

The Infirm Mismatch.

Wee bit of light relief on a serious note perhaps.

Sevco radio pundits and similar ilk continue to broadcast the old firm term, all hoping for its return, all forgetting some rather important details, the most important of which is, .. It’s an utter impossibility.

So accepting that both previous old firm clubs are not the same, although one most definitely is, what else could that match up be called ?

Projecting ahead and supposing the new club is still relevant in the coming weeks and months and does not undergo any further changes to its current timeline or identity, a question has arisen regarding how that potential fixture could be marketed ?.

If Celtic were ever to play a new club Sevco Rangers, how would that football clash then be advertised ?.

Can you see Celtic calling it an Old firm match or a first ever meeting ?

Difficult one isn’t it, considering many despised the term when it was actually factually correct.

The Old Firm tag once describing the meeting of  two ancient Glasgow rivals on a football field, now as is proper, buried forever alongside that old club and no amount of jiggery pokery can renew it or them .

Rangers demise accepted by most but denied by some, ensured that that old firm description be resigned to the waste basket of history itself, never to return.

Suggestions for a possible title for any potential meeting are slowly trickling through, my personal favourite so far is ‘The Infirm Mismatch’ as I noticed just recently.

The distance between the two clubs old & new is growing wider day by day, both in terms of finance and of player quality, guaranteeing and perfectly describing the situation by use of the word ‘Mismatch’ whilst the impoverished state of this new club both at board level and by their own standard of play on the field performing in the gutter of Scottish football, could be ably communicated as being rather Infirm by comparison to a far superior opponent. In my opinion of course.

The Infirm Mismatch hits all the right notes for me should that game take place in the near future.

The Infirm Mismatch has a ring to it not unlike the old term and it would no doubt conjure up many similarities for those trapped in the memory vault of a previous lifeline, you know, those unable to let go of that previous term, the Old Firm match.

So should these clubs ever meet for a first time ever, how would you communicate that meeting ?.

We all know the main stream media will attempt to recreate that past Old Firm produce.

Time and again at every turn at every opportunity that old firm tag will be trotted out as it always has, as they desperately try to hold you the supporter captive in their own financially dependent pot of gold scheme, news worthiness depends on it as much as they’re jobs do, but don’t buy it, it’s really a bogus realm to reside in.

Their desire to have you believe in what would be footballing ghosts, will be rather mind-numbing but remember a simple and basic fact, a new club cannot be an old one. There goes the ‘Old’ Firm term right there.

To offset that fact would simply be another example of utter media nonsense, so ignoring those increasingly desperate calls, how would you the supporter, term that potential future clash ?.

Remember Celtic are indeed an Old Firm.

Sevco Rangers but a new one.  (although it’s disputed fiercely that not believing it to be so, is enough to dismiss that submission.)

Regardless that emotional dispute and as It would be ridiculous to expect half an old firm game or any potential term from it to catch on, although indeed factually correct, a proper term should be produced based on fact, not an absurd fantasy surely to be broadcast on continuous play.

If you will, please offer your own footballing term for that possibility if only but to assist them in accepting more easily, the future futility of birth denial.

A wee bit of imagination based on truth is all that is required, bring some fun back into the fitty, go on, have a go.!


Contentious Pest

5 thoughts on “The Infirm Mismatch

    1. keith

      Is that the wind described by the CO Dictionary as a slight explosion of air between the legs? Some of the SMSM certainly smell of it.

      H H

  1. ‘Old Money vs New Money’
    ‘Haves vs Have Nots’ or a ‘Game of Two Haves’
    Crap I know but it did get my brain working a bit earlier.

  2. Personally I think the tag “old firm” created most of the hate and bile we seen in the games. To me the name given is not of importance, it’s when and IF zombie fc make it back and play the mighty Celtic I want to see the programme CLEARLY state this is the FIRST meeting of the 2 clubs. If we don’t get that then it’s game over for me i’m afraid =(

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