Ryan’s Band Protest – Free The Amsterdam 2

Ryan’s Band Protest – Free The Amsterdam 2

At the weekend The Ryan’s band along with Mrs Ryan and Pól Antóin Ó Flaitile held a protest outside the Dutch Embassy in London. They were protesting on behalf of the Amsterdam 2, Pádraig Mullan and  Andy Vance who are being held in custody in Amsterdam.

I’d like to thank Paddy for getting in touch and sending the following info and pictures. Below is an account of their protest by Pól and some images from the protest.

We met in the afternoon Paddy’s mum, Dad and girlfriend were there, we then took out the posters calling for the freedom of the fans and stood outside the embassy for 2 hours.

As people passed they stopped to read what was on the poster. A man from Glasgow stopped and said to us, ” we’ll done and keep going strong” then a London lad doing his knowledge (London taxi route exam) said “what are we doing? ” I explained about the bhoys being held in Amsterdam and he said ” well done and thanked us, he said we should paint the embassy tree green and white and have a big banner”. Then a cyclist came along who was Dutch and he wanted to know what was happening, we explained and he said “he hopes the fans will be ok and that Holland likes Celtic and what happened was terrible”. Then I saw 3 people going into the embassy, the door was opened by staff and I shouted ” Free Pádraig Mullan and Free Andy Vance” at least twice until the door closed, then a few minutes later 2 policemen arrived.

They said the embassy called them as there was a protest, we explained what was happening and the police were ok and one actually said “oh I better get out of the way so people can read the poster”, he said if there is a bigger protest to tell them so they can make sure all are safe, then they left. We then took photos and attached the posters to the embassy gates.

The Ryan’s Band are also raising money for the legal fund to help Pádraig Mullan and Andy Vance http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Charity-Auction-for-freeAndyVance-freePadraigMullan-/281209993795?

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free the amsterdam 2

2 thoughts on “Ryan’s Band Protest – Free The Amsterdam 2

  1. Well done all of you. Every means must be used to get justice for these boys. Like john, I sincerely hope they will be home soon where they should be and not n jail as an excuse for the Dutch police to justify THEIR criminal violence.

    H H

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