Good Bye To the ‘Auld School’

Good Bye To the ‘Auld School’

I took the opperchansity on Monday to drive along to Celtic Park. With the news that Phase one of the ‘Celtic Triangle’ had begun I knew that the days of London Road school where indeed numbered.

The Auld School has been part of the Celtic Park surroundings forever. The school and the ‘Jannie’s hoose’ predates the current Celtic park by almost 2 decades. It’s been omnipresent though out Celtic’s history.

Since I started going to Celtic Park a lot has disappeared. ‘Nightmare Ally’, the railway, the railway bridge over London rd, the bridge at the entrance to ‘Nightmare Ally’ where you could be pelted by bricks from the locals, the tenements in Janefield street and all the housing across from Kerrydale st. Unfortunately in days gone by mobile camera phones did not exist so we only have a limited record of the stadiums surroundings over the years. Fortunately times have changed so I’m sure we will have plenty of film and images of the Auld School.

So over the next week the Auld School will be demolished and the final piece of original ‘furniture’ around Celtic Park will be lost forever. I’m sad to see it go but it’s making way for the future. When the Celtic Triangle is complete Celtic Park will sit in surroundings and an infrastructure worthy of one of the Giants of world football.

Hail, Hail

ps. I went a bit trigger happy with the camera so the pics below are a mixture of the auld and the new

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