The Chicken’s Revenge

The Chicken’s Revenge

Good morning Tims 🙂

Just a wee light hearted article today. As many of you know Sevco had a video of mine Sevco – The Day of Reckoning pulled from YouTube. The result being that a video which had been viewed 10,380 times over a 3 month period on youtube was then seen by a further 8,283 in the space of 36 hours after I directly embedded it in this site 🙂 Noo that’s a result !

I decided to make another ‘cash and carry’ (copyright The Parrot) video named The Chickens Revenge to poke fun at the hapless sevco and their ‘offended’ support. I uploaded that to YouTube and guess what ? Aye, that got pulled as well. So I’ve closed my Youtube account and I’ll be posting all my second rate videos on here and our Facebook Group

So here is the video which ‘offended’ the offenders.

Words and music anonymous
This recording copyright ℗ © Music Bus 2008

3 thoughts on “The Chicken’s Revenge

  1. Wullie

    There is just too much to do in this retirement racket. I need to seriously think of going back to work so that I can get some time for blogging again. I have been cut off for two days and I badly need a fix.

    Well, they do say there is nothing better to start off with than an egg. Just as long as you avoid having it with currie. Here is some further advice that might help make egg yokes more palatable even though cracking the flimsy shell of the egg itself, old or new, is unavoidable.

    Watching the video simply proves how disordered the soldiers can become on one’s plate if too many are dipped in the boiled egg at the one time. This is especially so when the egg is hard boiled and impervious to penetration. Sadly this is a far cry from the old days when Marshall’s were in command.

    An egg is always safer when placed securely in a container. Given free range it simply becomes runny and out of control. It is quite unimaginable how big a mess can result.

    The shell of an egg is thin and vulnerable but is generally well protected under the wing of the mother hen. The reality is it will collapse very easily if exposed. That is why it is kept well hidden till it hatches a new chick which is often seen with the mother hen’s name tag in an attempt to keep track of its origins.

    And so ends my yokes for today.

    Health and safety warning: This humour can cause severe cracking when aimed at what is actually an empty shell. This is especially true when the egg is out of cups. It is essential to release the yokes slowly and carefully. It is well known that opening up an egg unexpectedly can lead to much scrambling to put the lid back on. For those seeking information on producing double yokes or interior padding, please contact the whyte of the egg. The address can be found on Google Maps – somewhere.

    H H

    Nice to be back, Wullie.

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