Campbell Ogilvie – F**k Off !

Campbell Ogilvie – F**k Off !

First of all I apologise for the rude headline, but what the feck ???

How dare this EBT conflicted masonic weasel lecture anyone and more over drag us into his clubs shambles. Check below for a definition of hypocrisy!

“At a time when Scottish football faces challenges on many fronts, it is incumbent on our biggest clubs to set the highest standards. In this regard both the comments made, and the subsequent time, effort and resource imposed on our Compliance Officer to deal with the complaint, were wholly unnecessary.”

So lets have a wee look at this;

  1. At a time when Scottish football faces challenges on many fronts” . Well he’s right there, Scottish football is in some state because he and his cohorts at the SFA, and others at the defunct SPL tried to kid on a newco is the same as his club that died. Rules where bastardised and circumvented to allow his new club into Scottish football without meeting the correct criteria. The game ‘faces challenges’ because of this.
  2. In this regard both the comments made, and the subsequent time, effort and resource imposed on our Compliance Officer to deal with the complaint, were wholly unnecessary.” Comments made ? Sorry only one comment was made and that was a joke at the expense of Ogilvie’s new club. The Joke would not have been made if the SFA had told the truth last year. It’s a very simple truth. Sevco Scotland are a new club.
  3. In respect of statement two. No ones ‘resources’ would have been wasted if Newco had not made a petty complaint to pacify the deranged amongst their support who refuse to accept the truth. Their club died and the longer Ogilvie and co keep this charade up the worse this circus will get.

EBT Ogilvie is compromised and tainted by his actions at RFC 1872. He should resign and make way for someone who supports Scottish Football and not Oldco/Newco.

Rant over

PS. If I have come over as being really angry that’s only because I am. KTF

it's a NEWCO


7 thoughts on “Campbell Ogilvie – F**k Off !

  1. A blind man can see this for what it is though. Here we have a guy at the top of the tree who never utters a word when there is shit flying all around the room. He comes out now with a new found streak of look at how wise I am.

    I will tell Peter off in a roundabout way and I’ll also get the bit in that Sevco are a big club.

    The MSM will be all over this and I’ll be worshipped by the followers of my extinct club AND my brand new one!

  2. can someone please tell president ebt what school did you go to ogilvie that that on the31 of october 2012 i attended the vigil mass for all saints day and prayed for deceased relatives and friends i forgot to pray for cheating deceased foot ball teams

  3. Wullie

    It is just so hard not to get angry with people like Ogilvie. They are, quite frankly, laughable as your critique of his words of wisdom prove. They should be greeted with derision but instead those who are charged with providing factual information to the public are so conjoined with the Ogilvies of football, they constantly overlook the hypocrisy and the idiocy. It is no surprise, therefore, that those of us who know the truth, are frustrated, insulted and perturbed. Anger is not always unjustified or wrong. On occasion it is necessary and there have been enough of those in recent weeks. It is a sad day when anger is the only viable means of drawing forth honesty and justice.

    JerseyBhoy, I believe you express how most of us feel about this “whited sepulchre” and the team he attempts to raise from the dead.

    H H

  4. When will you ever learn ? Nothing will ever change because YOU the fans let them away with it. I’m a celtic fan through and through, but my last game will be on Tuesday (just because I’ve already bought the ticket). Funny as the joke Lawell came out with was , quite frankly it’s not enough. This craps been going on for nearly 2 years now and he gives us a 1 liner at an agm and were are supposed to forget ?.

    I honestly believe that PL would have voted them to stay in the SPL if he had his way , he doesn’t give a toss about the fans , it’s the money and reputation the fans are GIVING him that he cares for unfortunately, sad but true.

    So on Saturday’s i’ll be taking my wean to the Rob Roy games from now on

    Truly a sad day (leaving the hoops that is)

    I’ll live in hope of PL growing a set and DEMANDING a official statement from the SPFHELL, but I wont be holding my breath ( i’ll start looking like them over at Ibrokes =P )

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