Sink the Ink !

Sink the Ink.

Celtic have always been a club open to all but now it may be time to reconsider that.

I don’t speak of colour creed or religion in a change of welcoming embrace, I speak of media antagonists hell-bent on damaging Celtic at every possible opportunity, it seems to myself and I understand very many Celtic supporters that enough is enough.

Following a much welcomed Shug ban order, there are rags who should follow without further ado.

It would seem the height of stupidity to continue to invite enemies of the club into the club, for it is crystal clear to most of us that Celtic’s best interests are the furthest thing from their minds or pages.

There is an anti Celtic agenda running through the core of Scottish media, I believe it and many others do as well.

Over many years there has been a growing unease and growing resentment toward the media in Scotland from Celtic fans, fans sick fed up with constant negatives against them and their club. It goes back quite a ways.

Good news Celtic stories hardly warrant a mention, you can almost feel the resentment at any slither of jolly offered, but on the other hand they can’t wait to put the boot in.

The latest Amsterdam situation provided a reminder to us all.

Ajax fans came to Celtic park disrespected our supporters and then proceeded to trash what they could of the club, any condemnation reported in coverage appeared to be minimal.

Contrast that with Celtic’s visit to Amsterdam and even before the blows had stop raining down on our supporters, the usual suspect hacks were out with the lout, thug and anti Celtic finger points followed by relative silence as a different picture began to emerge of who was actually attacking who.

That silence only to become loud cannon fire yet again as guilty verdicts (although now to be fought on appeal) were handed down in the most undemocratic of ways.

As Celtic fans were beaten and locked up in Amsterdam our precious media concentrated on damaging Celtic at home by concentrating on Rory Bremner & Tony Blair and the denials of a statement of truth offered as a joke.

The joke I submit is their presence at our club to continue.

There are many Celtic fans who imposed their own ban on the purchase of certain newspapers, on-line pundits, reporters and radio mouthpieces, unfortunately there are still some who can’t quite kick the nasty habit.

I must say it astounds me that that media fix is still felt a necessity for some, considering the alternatives available to receive more fair and balanced Celtic news. Truth if you will.

Celtic at this moment in time due to the demise of Rangers, are the most influential club in Scotland, in fact for the past few years single-handedly they have kept the game alive, both with prestige in European competition and with much-needed finance, a finance don’t forget that assists many desperate Scottish clubs.

Without Celtic and it’s progression, the footballing bodies, the media, even the Scottish government would be struggling to make ends meet. In short Celtic don’t have to put up with any more of the mischief-making claptrap spouted forth over allegiances to a now dead club for the sake of their sense of balance or indeed their thoughts of retribution.

Yes most Celtic fans do call them Sevco media and they have good reason.

Peter Lawwell declared Celtic a stand alone club, a sentiment I am sure we as Celtic fans would agree.

Most Celtic supporters wish the club would dismiss the trouble making snipes in media garb that have the sole intention of belittling the club.

Celtic fans know there is a media agenda against them and always has been, the paranoid/obsessed claims serve only to reinforce that belief.

The difference in reporting when it comes to Celtic is disgraceful and Celtic should no longer offer those poisoned pens access to assist their anti Celtic goals.

Celtic supporters pay for our great club, it is their home too and some/most of the media should not be welcomed into that home.

Celtic fans want to ban the rags and the serpents that hiss at us from within our own home in the guise of news men.

Selective news offered from those that still dine on the juice of the lamb should not be able to sit at our table.

As more decide by the day not to buy their words, there would appear no reason left for them to be able to manipulate Celtic’s words or be made welcome into our home to do so.

Sink the Ink !.


Contentious Pest

sink the ink

2 thoughts on “Sink the Ink !

  1. Totally agree. I stopped buying Scottish “newspapers” a few years ago. I wish all Tims would do the same but that’s only my opinion, fortunately people are free to make their own minds up. Unlike “the peepul”, who have no minds to make up!

  2. yes i dont buy these rags at all now. they are anti celtic especially the red tops and the evening ipox.. the rags on sunday are the same and tv media are just a bad.. but most of all most ex celtic players are the same frightened to say anything in case they lose a cushy wee number. ban all newspaper hacks from parkhead . sadly i know some fans who still buy these rags shame on them.. as for the celtic board what will they do SFA

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