Dam Justice Bucketeers Images

Dam Justice Bucketeers Images

Well done to all the Tims who took part in the bucket collection for #Damjustice. Also well done to the supporters who donated. I don’t have a clue what was raised at this point but I believe it will be a handsome total.

I was based in Janefield street with the scamp squad, you might have seen me hanging aff the end of the banner.

MON THE BUCKETEERS, Justice For The Amsterdam Bhoys !

You can donate to the Legal Defence Fund by clicking this Image.

Amsterdam 5 FAC legal defence fund

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5 thoughts on “Dam Justice Bucketeers Images

    1. Just found out on twitter. H is for H-block. Prosecutions currently pursued for Roll of Honour. But not for Flower of Scotland.

      Pretty clever actually

  1. Maybe best and more wisely served being shown outside H for Holyrood though, with the D for Dam displayed on this Day.

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