‘One for all and all for one..’

‘One for all and all for one..’

Noticing a couple of points put recently with regards collections for the Dam 5 which after listening to Jeanette on the Celtic Dreams show, was made aware it’s actually more who are victims so far of Dutch injustice. 
Of course many more felt that injustice without arrest details of which are being accumulated and addressed thanks in large part to incoming donations on many fronts, donations assisting in that possibility and hopefully to a satisfactory conclusion. 
We have all viewed the injustices with our own eyes, I for one believe mine.
Some differences in the Dutch way of attending to business brought most of the highlight onto the ‘5’ I believe, but all are victims afforded assistance should they wish it.
The ongoing collections for legals and for family assistances that will undoubtedly be needed, are not compulsory nor demanded, they are requested and indeed if offered done so in accordance with one’s own personal choice.
It is not a charity donation per say, no-one need feel an either or decision to be made, perhaps not giving to any charity that they may feel far more important for them or indeed closer to their heart.
It’s a scenario I noticed being mentioned somewhere earlier.
Celtic supporters and the groups requesting financial assistance on behalf of the Dam fund do so with the best of intentions at the forefront of such requests.
Celtic fans the World over have a natural desire of support in their DNA.
It’s a DNA that is often talked about and it’s a DNA that bears fruit in the face of adversity and times of perceived injustice.
It’s an engrained reaction to any sense of injustice that may affect us individually or collectively whether now or in future. 
Supporters have the security of knowing that no matter where they travel, no matter the situation presented to them, they will not be left alone to face a circumstance out-with their control. A situation as in this Dutch case IMO, presented through no fault other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
For that by a quirk of fate could indeed be any of us.
Consider then the position of a wrongly accused or of the family, as a family member is accused and faces a future immersed in uncertainty.
It’s easily imaginable to place yourself in such a position, if one tries.
It’s a position of worry, a position of confusion, a position of anxiety.
It’s a position which would be made all the more frightening without the support and backing of the club and your fellow fans. Those fans fortunate enough to have escaped the bracelets of enforced solitude, albeit with the potential for a limited time so far.
To be tried in another Country under a different set of rules with language difficulties and frankly a shortage of funds to enable the best defence available, would be most disconcerting to say the least. 
For the innocent man or woman that is a nightmare and the possibility of that nightmare being stained against one’s good character for-evermore. To face that possibility alone then becomes unimaginable.
The Celtic support comes in many fashions. There is the kind word of support, the supporting embrace and of course a full verbal backing.
It also comes in hard cash, for quite a lot of the time that’s what fighting injustice takes. Even resolve needs assistance.
The stark reality is that a successful representation and the staunch defence of Celtic supporters and indeed the good name of the club, over a period of what could be many months if not years, does indeed cost. 
It costs more than the warm embrace of our support as mentioned above, and it is to that end that selfless folk give of their time and dedication to make sure these family members current and in future are supported as best they can be.
Support on all fronts for however long the wheels of justice or indeed injustice take to clear the good name, is welcomed.
“There but for the grace of God go I” is what I think when I see the Bucketeers.
To conclude, people have their own sense of giving, they choose to give when they wish to give and they give what they feel they can to whichever cause they feel is closest to them as individuals.
It’s not a lottery or syndicate or bidding war, it’s a request and simply a choice.
It’s not a charity donation, a compulsory order or a wanting hand forced into a pocket, it’s simply a request for assistance.
Nobody is bigger or better or alternatively less significant or worse if one can’t, your a supporter who supports as best as he or she can and all forms of one’s support is welcomed.
If you wish to and you can, then do make a donation, toss a spare coin to a Buckateer (one for all & all for one) or contact……TCT &… today or in the future..
Every little ‘really does’ help a lot.
One for all and all for one. 
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