Goal shy Celtic whimper out of Europe

This man needs more support from his board
This man needs more support from his board

I am NEVER one to criticize my team but tonight I want to get a few things off my chest, we never replaces Hooper, we lack creativeness in midfield and I agree Forster in goals can be poor, for the first Milan goal a man who stands 6ft 7″? watches a ball fly past him two feet away, all night he was standing on his line, he should be playing sweeper when we are up the park, he either plays his own game or he is being told to not come for crosses and stay on his line

Tonight was never a 3-0 game, we didn’t deserve much, maybe a draw, we had chances, and I am STILL looking back to that chance by Van Dijk on 46 minutes at the start of the second half, at 1-0 down, he was onside, 5 yards out, open goal and hits it right at the keeper, then Milan go up the park and make it 2-0

Lennon and his players for 2 seasons now have made the club well over £50 Million yet Lennon has to go the season with no real striker. Defence we are ok, tonight we missed someone sitting in front breaking Milan’s play up, we have width, but we have no real striker. Someone said they will mention the Elephant in the room, I think the room is full of Elephants

As fans we pay through the nose, be it we go to games or not and time and time again we don’t get the signings we deserve. This is the makings of a REALLY good side let’s not be too downhearted, if Lennon can add what we need for next season and we get into the Champions League we could do well, this season we lack quality in the middle, we rely too heavily on Kris Commons to create and score and tonight he looked like an angry man at 3-0 down, he was isolated, Sammy never game him runs, the supply to Commons was poor, Ledley again showed he is wanting at this level, I am not angry I am upset, same as we all are. I won’t get angry

We get nights like Celtic 2-1 Barcelona and more, so we MUST take the good with the bad but when we are in a position to move on, in a place as a team to really push on we sell or don’t reinvest where we need to. We brought in a few players and for me the only player to show so far is Van Dijk. I think we took far too long bringing in Pukki and Balde is deemed not good enough and is Stokes good enough at this level. Sammy turns it on better when he is on the left, if Sammy works on the wing why not play him there?

So that is it for another season, we have Barcelona away who lost 2-1 to Ajax tonight to come and then we go for the double rest and try to get back to the group stages

I only hope when we do we have the players needed


5 thoughts on “Goal shy Celtic whimper out of Europe

  1. Shaun, thank you again. It was a horrible night and I’m gutted to say that I predicted to Frank Rafters months ago that this would be our worst CL ever. We never built on a position of strength in the summer… AGAIN. We never took the basic

  2. can,t progress if manager won,t try or trust our young players,rest of scotland unearthing gems,we,re the best youth system,bringing thru nothin,as for new signings,virgil apart,not lookin like they,ll hang about,no game time

  3. Aye we had nothing this campaign, we played nice keep ball at times sadly at the back we were too open and up front we had nothing. Forster has cost us badly in Europe and we have no creativity and no natural goal scorer.

    Shyt state of affairs..


  4. In all honesty I don’t think we even deserved the luxury of a draw. We were mediocre at best and i’m sorry to say that too many players are simply not good enough at this level, the team last night is, at best, an SPL team. At Champions League level, you get what you pay for and we found that out to our cost last night. When we went 3 0 down I found my mind wandering to the days of MON and how when the team came out you felt that you had the confidence that this team could take on anybody whereas this current team I don’t have the confidence in them to beat an SPL team. There’s no fighters in the team (Brown exempted) and no-one you can put your house on. We need a top-drawer striker not a £100,000 player from Iceland and we desperately need a quality playmaker in the central midfield. After last season’s success I hoped we’d build on that success but unfortunately I think we’ve very much regressed.

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