Green Brigade Statement 27-11-13

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Green Brigade Statement 27-11-13


As a member of Fans Against Criminalisation the Green Brigade are fully committed to highlighting, challenging and tackling the systemised campaign of criminalisation and harassment – orchestrated by the Scottish Government and implemented by Police Scotland – against the Celtic support.

At the risk of covering old ground, the Scottish Government are responsible for drafting and implementing a ridiculous piece of legislation which, through their own admission, aims to make the arrest figures between both sides of the Glasgow divide even – regardless of the act or crime in question. In practice, for the Celtic support this has resulted in expressions of Irish identity, culture and politics being deemed illegal.

One prominent example is the criminalisation of the song ‘Roll of Honour’ which is a lament commemorating ten Irish martyrs who died on hunger strike in Long Kesh in 1981. These men died primarily fighting the criminalisation of themselves and their struggle in a bid to be recognised as political prisoners. Now, in Scotland, it is deemed illegal to remember and honour their sacrifice. The number of fans being charged for doing so continually rises as Police Scotland continues to film and harass our support at every turn.

On Saturday 23rd November we highlighted the sheer hypocrisy of the legislation with a simple banner display. On the 10th minute and 81st minute a banner of the letter H was unveiled while ‘Roll of Honour’ was sung. Alongside this banner appeared two further banners containing the following lyric from the Scottish national anthem: ‘they fought and died for; their wee bit hill and glen’.

Similarly, on Tuesday 26th November we unveiled another banner display to further our point and emphasise the Scottish Government’s hypocrisy. At this match two banners depicting a Scottish and an Irish freedom fighter were shown along with the slogan: ‘the terrorist or the dreamer; the savage of the brave? Depends whose vote you’re trying to catch or whose face you’re trying to save’. The statement being made was that it is both hypocritical and discriminatory to celebrate the Scottish nationalist struggle while criminalising the Irish nationalist struggle. Ultimately, due to the subjective nature of what anyone may deem ‘offensive’, it is both dangerous and absurd to create a law based upon offensiveness.

The Green Brigade are disappointed by the statement made by Celtic Football Club in regards to this incident. The Club’s statement claims that we assured them that our display would be purely football related but that in fact it had nothing to do with football. In reality however what was assured to them was that our plans were completely relative to Celtic and indeed football. Given that it is Celtic fans who are filling up prison cells and court rooms because of the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act, and the manner in which it criminalises legitimate expression of political opinion, this display could not have been more relevant in the current context. The fans are the lifeblood of any football club and to deem fan issues as irrelevant is frankly disgraceful.

While we understand and sympathise fully with fans who may disagree with the timing of last night’s display we are honest enough to admit that the timing was of no coincidence. This act has been in place for over 18 months yet the club have offered next to no support to the fans on this matter. As a group we were told that Celtic Football Club would publicly support the fans on this issue. Regrettably, this has not transpired in spite of the fact that public pressure could have had a telling impact on the Justice Committee as they discussed the possibility of an early review of the act.

It is our opinion that the level of apathy from Celtic PLC towards the criminalisation of their supporters is unforgivable. We find their accusation of the Green Brigade disrespecting the club to be completely ironic and totally laughable when we consider the level of disrespect they have repeatedly shown to their supporters for far too long – never mind the desecrating of our Club’s proud history and values with the firm objection to implementing the ‘living wage’.

Whilst the Club may wish to wash their hands of pressing fan issues we will not falter in our attempts to challenge the injustice of this legislation nor how Police Scotland implements it. As the number of Celtic fans banned from games continues to grow and the court cases and all additional baggage piles up we will stand by them, we will stand with the Celtic support and as always we will defend our right to cultural and political expression.

Until the last rebel


17 thoughts on “Green Brigade Statement 27-11-13

  1. It’s a shame this is happening at a time when we should be concentrating on the fact that out manager still hasn’t learned how to get our team to play effectively against counter attacking sides and how his constant buying of average foreign players instead of playing young scots is killing our game.

  2. It’s a shame that this is now coming to full fruition. I am a supporter of independence and am saddened to see that there are people who could potentially, possibly even naturally, support independence and yet, because of an attitude and a piece of legislation might turn them away. That is the great shame. Scotland’s struggle and Ireland’s struggle are similar. Different but similar. And to see potential YES votes being thrown away gars me greet as Burns would say.

  3. I fully agreed with Celtic FC’s statement until I read the above. From refusing to loosen the purse strings for the manager, to the “Living Wage” debate, to the Criminalisation Act, the Board are not interested in supporters opinions. Its all about profit and turning the club into a business.

  4. No concern for the damage done to the clubs image, and the reservations of the huge majority not involved in raising such banners, will the GB offer to pay any fine levied on the club as a result of another of their banners bringing unwanted attention from UEFA.The GB have caused more grief for celtic in a few short year’s than the rest of the fans in the last 30 years,.
    Never accept responsibility for their actions and always deflect blame, until the last plastic revolutionary!!

      1. Wullie broon, its not an insult, its a fact, they are a group of psuedo revolutionaries who are playing politics with our club, they didnt exist until very recently and have set themselves up as the voice and immoral conscience of the celtic support, they are neither; and the silent majority are sick and tired of the constant drain on the clubs resources and blackening of the fans good name trying to deal with the fallout of one after another of inflicted wounds.
        ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, set up a political party if you want to play at politics, stop harming our club!!!!

        1. lol.. seriously. I think if you actually met with some of them you’d be very surprised. Of course there are undesirable elements in every group but you have to differentiate between the Green Brigade who have a code of conduct and those who share section 111 with them.

          Would it surprise you to know that members of GB members are doing all the ‘heavy lifting’ to promote and facilitate the FAC Legal Defence fund for the bhoys who were beaten up in Amsterdam ? Thanks the groups input and effort FAC have raised over £40,000 in two weeks to help your fellow fans out. And while I’m at it the group also run weekly youth paint nights to get youngsters off the streets and an annual anti racism football tournament amongst other good works in the community.

          So before you give us another one of your lectures at least have the common decency to aquatint yourself with some facts.

          1. Thats all fantastic, good for them, then they go and let the club down by constantly thrusting us into the spotlight with ill timed and poorly thought out banner displays . What your saying is, these are intelligent, thoughtful people, who carefully go about their business, if they are then why do they constantly embarrass the club they profess to love?
            Please answer me that one, every banner has been selfish and designed to provoke either the board or the authorities. If they are serious minded people then they are deliberately hurting OUR club, not just theirs as they seem to think. Give us a break, stop apologising for them snd accept that its wrong to constantly denigrate the good name of Celtic FC

  5. Heres a thought for some of you. Celtic FOOTBALL Club. NOT POLITICAL club! Maybe you should leave your banners and songs at home. I’m all for standing up for what you believe in, but there is a time and place. You said you would work with Celtic when you were told that your section would be no more. Funny because a game or two later you lot we’re back to the lateral movement that you said would stop. Seems to me that the Green Brigade are great for atmosphere but not great for paying attention to the rules in place,

  6. Can you not find it in yourselves, for the sake of the club, to finally say enoughs enougb, its wrong , stop it!! When fergus mccann came it was one of the first things he did, stop the ira songs at celtic park.weve went back the way for gods sake.when sevco became a pariah and the rest of the league forced them out we had the moral high ground and should have had for years to come.all this does is drags us down into the gutter!!! Your harming the club!!!!that should be end of story honestly its ljke talking tl a brick wall

  7. Please refer to the above blog. It’s not us whose harming the club. It’s people like you stripping it bare of it’s heritage and ethos. Irish Republicanism is not dirty and it’s not criminal and it’s been part of Celtic since 1887. I respect McCann for all he did for us. But he got it very wrong on this issue. It’s about time people stopped sponging Hun media propeganda regarding republicanism and stood up for their own.

  8. Oh well, silly me thats us told.the green brigade have spoken, we’re all wrong.we’ll learn our lesson sir and all buy a republican song book cos thats the way the GB want it, thanks for the moral guidance on this issue.the club will become an outcast, not wanted anywhere, fined and banned eventually from Europe but hey, we will have the comfort of republican songs and banners as the celtic A team play the celtic B team.cant wait!!!

  9. They can start with Barcelona and then move on to Serie A. Perhaps if the current Imposters challenged the ridiculous rules instead of castigating us who are there week in week out home and away and in Europe we might get somewhere. Otherwise you’ll be sitting in a stadium half full like a library where the only noise you’ll hear is the groans at a misplaced pass and The Fratellis on the tannoy . . More than a club? Aye. . No if the PLC and their cheerleaders have their way.

  10. You know what your doing, your sickening ordinary joe public fan who has the good sense and common decency not to sing songs and take banners that endanger the clubs status,im not interested in any other club, ive been going since 1971 to celtic park and you lot are absolutely destroying this club and no one in my large circle of friends who support Celtic agree with your obsession.
    Get a life and grow up, we all sang those songs and we all grew out of it, or keep it for home or pub.your destroying a hard won reputation and it is sickening to see

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