Supporters Survey

Supporters Survey

Ok, last night wasn’t the best time I’ve had supporting Celtic but it’s certainly not the worse. I thought it might be good to try and capture a snap shot of how the support feels at this point by having a supporters survey. I don’t know about anyone else but for me this season feels like it’s already about 10 months old. Not surprising given that we started back in June.

As I said this survey is just a snapshot. Please don’t take it too seriously, the questions and options are probably lousy. Also I won’t be using this survey as a means to find any scapegoats or someone to point the finger at. I just want to get an idea of how my fellow supporters feel about certain things at this moment in time.

So please have a bash and if you have any thing you want to add then feel free to use the reply facility.


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2 thoughts on “Supporters Survey

  1. Lennon has to take the blame aswell the way they play is brutal pass wide and lob it in and hope for the best and playing for corners we won’t get anywhere playing that shit. we just got lucky last year they can’t break any defenses down spl n all. when was the last time we seen them carve a team open and score a few goals they can hold the ball but only in our half though sideways and backward they can’t do it in final third of the pitch and play through any defenses it’s just to predictable and so frustrating watching them play when you no the players are there that can play more exciting football and maybe the strikers will score the goals were all after. buck stops with Lennon great defensive work but doesn’t no how to attack maybe that’s why all the strikers don’t score enough goals. that’s just my opinion everyone will have a different one. hopefully he changes the way they play maybe we can think bigger and better than last 16 then cause the way were playing isn’t going to get us far. HH

  2. Lennon is certainly not to blame here. Brown has to stand up to his actions, that said, this has illustrated just what he brings to the team. Draw a line under the campaign, search for a proper penalty box stricker, make sure that ‘van the man’ is tied down to a good contract. And be greatful you are a tim!!

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