. . . And God Save Ireland Was Sung – From Drumbhoy

. . . And God Save Ireland Was Sung – An article by Drumbhoy

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Once again this week we see our support being attacked for political expression. The Green Brigade displayed an image of Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace and IRA hunger striker and Long Kesh OC Bobby Sands who was also elected as a Westminster MP. The words of Bik McFarlanes Terrorist or Dreamer were also displayed. Both men fought and died fighting for their respective countries against England and her oppressors. My understanding is that this display was shown to highlight the hypocrisy of people being arrested for singing about one, yet the other is celebrated and his song his now a national anthem. I wont go into the history of both men as it is all well documented in better detail than I ever could.

I have friends in section 111. Their view of Celtic is identical to mine. I have and will continue to support them and FAC against the ridiculous Offensive Behaviour Bill. The banners were apt and had the impact that was needed. For that, once again, Im proud of them. But that isnt what this blog is about.

My concern is growing daily at the utter revisionist tripe spouted by some of our own supporters and the PLC board doing everything it can to sanitise Celtic into some utopia of whiter than whiteness in the eyes of those who have despised us for over a century. The PLC released a statement saying that all political expression is not on and anyone engaging in it will be banned. Politics is the fabric of society. Everything in life is under politics and to quell political expression is fascism.

The PLC board and their cheerleaders would do well to freshen up on their history. From the very outset. Celtic FC has been steeped in Irish Republicanism. From the inaugural meetings in St. Marys when at the end of each meeting God Save Ireland was sung. A song about three members of the Irish Republican Brotherhood who were executed in Manchester in 1867, to our founding fathers inviting Michael Davitt to lay the first sod of turf at Celtic Park. Davitt himself its documented was Mahatma Ghandi’s inspiration. He was part of Irish Republican Brotherhood and a founder of Irish National Land League. He was convicted of treason and sentenced to 15 years in 1870.

So the facts are there about Celtics political credentials from its inception. Celtic were born of a political landscape of oppression and death. Not the romantic vision I think some people have of weans running around dinner tables.

Celtic FC were vehement supporters of Irish Home Rule with people like John Glass, William McKillop MP, James Grant, James Kelly to name a few. And the politics of these men were mirrored by the views of the original Celtic support. Celtic were given an Irish tricolour by IRA leader and Irish President Eamonn De Valera and it flew over Celtic Park. In 1952 Celtic were ordered to take it down as it was “offensive”. Chairman Robert Kelly did not bow to this pressure. The flag continued to fly and Celtic continued to play. In my opinion. If this challenge was today, our current incumbents at Celtic Park would have it down before you could say tiocfaidh ár lá.

The Celtic support never changed throughout the 20th century. Names of Irish Soldiers like James Connolly, Kevin Barry, Sean South, Bobby Sands, Billy Reid and many others were regularly heard sung and celebrated at Celtic Park. The Republican movement in Scotland revolved around Celtic games. Much like in Barcelona, where during Franco’s dictatorship, the Camp Nou was the only place the catalan language could be spoken in relative safety.

The PLC and their cheerleaders are hypocrits to a man and woman. They openly play The Wolfetones ‘Let The People Sing’ over the tannoy every week. A song that encourages political expression. They also play ‘The Fields of Athenrye’ , a song about a young man convicted of stealing food to feed his family and sent to Australia during an gorta mor. Even more hypocritical. They play ‘Back Home In Derry’ in the Kerrydale Suite every week. A song penned by Volunteer Bobby Sands. The man whos image they find so offensive that they will ban you for displaying his image. Absolutely ludicrous.

The Celtic support and board for that matter love to tell everyone that we’re more than a club, and they’re right. We are more than a club because of the things highlighted above and many others beside. Celebrating Irish Republicanism is nothing new at Celtic Park. It has been there longer than any of us, and I for one hope it continues. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it and if you take it away then you are taking part of Celtic away for our future generations. Im not prepared to give that up without a fight. Verbally of course.

People need to decide what they want. A generic corporate entity or Celtic FC. If all you want is football. I suggest Celtic may not be for you, because we are much more than just football. I hope the Bhoys and Ghirls in 111 stay strong in their fight against everything they are up against and as ever they have my support always.

Until The Last Rebel


13 thoughts on “. . . And God Save Ireland Was Sung – From Drumbhoy

  1. I don’t personally know any of the Green Brigade but sit in 111 out with their section. In an age when political apathy is a threat to democracy I am pleased to see young people politically active even if I don’t always agree with their stance. As to Celtic Park being an appropriate venue, current legislation makes it virtually impossible to make a political statement without giving weeks of notice. Where would be more fitting to make a statement against an act solely focussed on football fans.

  2. I hope you do not mind the fact that I reposted this blog in the Lions Den as it would appear that many members of that sight have forgotten or do not no where Celtic foundation lies

  3. Celtic FC support mirrors a story of Ireland and the connection is interwined to the core. Irish Republicanism and Irish struggles thru the generations is part of Celtic supporters story

  4. I´ve listened differet songs of The Wolfe Tones and I like them! I can suggest “go home brithish soldiers go home”, “Oh Admiral W. Brown” (It´s about my country, Argentina) and “Paddy´s night out” Please listen this Irish rebel group! It´s fantastic….so fantastic like my love for Ireland. We support you Eire, we still support you from Argentina!!! Bye Bhoys!! Hail hail!

  5. Seems wierx that at a time when the politics of Scotland can lead the world in denouncing violence in a peacefull reveloution some idiots want to glorify Terrorism ? I bet no one who is part of this would man up and meet the “call to arms ” its a footbakl game !!!

    1. As the saying goes… “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”.
      The only difference between Bobby Sands & his men and William Wallace & his men is the advanced weaponry, both groups fighting for their respective countries to be liberated from the hands of the people who stole it !!!

  6. Thanks Paul, I can see that you know a little of spanish! Good for you….instead I´m trying to learn english (I´d preffer GAELIC but it in not possible in my city). I´m glad to chat with you. A big hug for you, buddy!

  7. This article portrays a very slanted view of Celtic, it’s history and in particular it’s place in modern society. Add to that a complete denial of the progress the island of Ireland has made in the past 20 years. Nobody collects funds for the provos at Celtic Park nowadays. British soldiers no longer patrol the streets of Belfast. We have all moved on. This is not the 1980’s and we have the Good Friday Agreement. Bobby Sands (R.I.P.) undoubtedly played a huge part in getting us to where we are now but that has got fuck all to do with Celtic FC. I travel to Belfast regularly both socially and on business and for the past 25 years, the VAST majority want to put the past behind them and look to the future, regardless of political loyalties. Celtic FC is a football club and is NOT steeped in Irish republicanism. That is pure and utter shite of the highest order. Many fans may be steeped in it but not the club so feckin catch yourself on.

    Celtic FC is multi-cultural and open to all.
    Keep your politics away from football.
    This is 2013, try to keep up.

  8. It getting out of hand a few weeks ago we had soldiers at Ibrox sing the sash with the fans no condemnation . but if the minority don’t subscribe to the party line you are criminalised wake up this is more like Nazi Germany or north Korea #free country???

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