A thoroughly disappointing week – by Dermot Hill

I recently announced my support for the Green Brigade on twitter and I added if you don’t like my opinion you could feel free to unfollow me, to my surprise three people unfollowed me and I gained seven new followers..now that tells me there must be a support for the Green Brigade as it certainly wasn’t down to my quality tweets.
The problem arises from the banner at the AC Milan game, ok some people were offended by the picture of Bobby Sands MP, an elected member of parliament, he was held in prison without trial and convicted of nothing. The other picture was of William Wallace who terrorised the English who had invaded his beloved Scotland, he was captured and brutally put to death and from what I could see all the Green Brigade banner was highlighting was that one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter. It could so easily have been a picture of Nelson Mandela however I don’t remember Madiba having an Irish connection like we have.
Now if we stifle freedom of speech we are going against the very ethos of our club and if we adopt or accept that attitude we might as well just start sitting at the back of the bus once again.
Some of the tweets I got were nasty to say the least and some were supportive but I digress , my point is that we talk with great pride about the Celtic family yet going by some of the things I’ve read this week and tweets I received I’m glad they are not family, something which I know is a terrible thing to say but I was under the impression that families stuck together not rip each other apart, incidentally i am not bothered by personal abuse but other people were treated very shabbily indeed by our own so called family.
A question for a lot of you reading this is – how many have bought the 125 celebration pic of the display from last years Barcelona game or have downloaded it as a screen saver ? Well the GB spent weeks putting that together, then the PLC sold the pictures of it at £40 and £80 with not a penny going back to the GB, and of course the board also jumped on the Glasgows Green and White chant to sell season tickets which I’m sure saved the Celtic Marketing department a lot of time and effort.
When our own fans start aggressively having a go at each other, or banding about unsavoury names at one another for having an opinion then that becomes a form of censorship , once we have censorship on opinion then we might as well chuck it.
On another note when we are at Celtic park one should listen carefully to the words of the song “Let the people sing” it mentions protest, now this song is condoned by our board and drummed into us at any opportunity at Celtic Park, we are a fan base based on protest surely this ethos should be allowed to continue

5 thoughts on “A thoroughly disappointing week – by Dermot Hill

  1. I agree with some of what you say and I probably would of un followed you but being my father we stick together as family even if we disagree occasionally. I still think your hypocritical in your statements. What happened to the supporters doing it for love of the club. Why can’t the gb simply be proud of the help they r giving their club. I wonder what your hero Jock Stein would say about his beloved celtic fans tearing each other apart???

      1. That is my point !! He is now looking down at those fans ripping each other apart . I ask you again where is the love for the boys in the green and White hoops ?

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