Statement On The Green Brigade and Support

Statement On The Green Brigade and Support

Fellow Celtic supporters. Events have occurred over the past two years that have caused division within our support, both within the support itself and between the support and the custodians of our club. Although I’m not in the best of health at the moment I felt that as a representative of one of the larger fan sites, and a site which was set up to try and encourage fans/ sites to work together, that I had to say something about the ongoing issues that are beginning to tear us apart.

First a confession. This post has nothing to do with the GB however I wanted as many people as possible to read it, therefore I’ve employed a MSM trick of putting out a headline that has nothing to do with the article but will grab people’s attention.

Some of the things I have read on social media over the past while has been nothing less than shocking and in fact embarrassing to us as a collective support. Calling fellow fans ‘panty wetter’s’, ‘soup takers’, ‘c*nts’ and ‘selfish’ is appalling and HAS TO STOP! A support as big, diverse and passionate as ours are always going to have different opinions however It’s time we all realised that everyone’s opinion is valid. Some fans think bringing politics into the ground is important while others don’t. Some want to sing and dance for 90 minutes, some don’t. Some want a living wage paid by the club and some don’t. Frankly I could make a list as long as my arm but I hope those example give you the gist.

I’m not naive, there is no utopian solution to these differences at the end of some rainbow but we can reach a consensus, but only if we stop abusing each other and instead start to properly and respectively debate these issues. All I would ask is that we drop the name calling and the abuse, that only leads to division. That we all try to keep an open mind especially when we are short of facts and that we try to find a way through this so we can concentrate on what we should be doing. Supporting the team on the park.

I should be back at the start of January to deliver more rubbish observations, so until then I wish you and your families all the best for the festive season and I hope you all have a fantastic New Year.

Hail, Hail


PS. Thanks to everyone who donated to our Movember appeal. We have raised £315.

8 thoughts on “Statement On The Green Brigade and Support

  1. The most sensible and thought provoking blog I have read on the whole sorry affair ! What matters most is our beloved Celtic and no matter how we choose to support them that support will remain HH Stephen Cairns

  2. Dead on statement,awesome ,im a new fan and i just love watching the CELTIC’S ..i hope u and urs hav a great Christmas and a Happy New Year the Celtic Team as well U take care of urself and get better ..From A Canadian Fan..

  3. I think you’ll agree wullie, you badly misjudged the mood of the majority yourself, so much so that your post was removed, it was in pretty poor taste.We need to get back to supporting the team, leave the politics out, any attempt to resurrect the gb by raising banners around the ground must be resisted.These people must decide if they are Celtic fans or Green Brigade fans.The team must come first and foremost now and forever.

    1. You don’t know why I removed that. So I’ll tell you. When your suffering a depression you can become anxious and worried about the slightest thing, that’s why I removed the article. The article was mainly directed at people who go ott online when seats are broke and do nothing about governments and bankers stealing their pensions and tear apart the welfare state. I stand by that.

      “These people must decide if they are Celtic fans or Green Brigade fans.” That my friend is your opinion and while I respect that I hope you respect mine, because in my opinion that is very narrow minded. The type of comment which causes divide in the first place. You have just pre judged a group of fans without having the full facts to hand.

      I’ll finish by saying this, I speak for myself and take no consideration of ” the mood of the majority” whoever they are.

  4. Wullie

    Thank God you felt well enough to make this statement. I have been unusually busy with other commitments and have consequently been hesitant to write anything about the controversies of the last month or so. That does not mean I have ignored them nor that I have not wished to say my piece. The issues, however, are of such a serious nature and the potential adverse impact on both club and support so threatening, I have not been comfortable with simply rattling something off. If ever any problem needed deep and balanced thinking it is that of the divisions forming within our club. More worrying is the crude and sometimes abusive squabbles that have replaced sound and reasoned debate. My God, it is heartbreaking to watch our fans descending to the levels of those we found it justified to condemn for so many years.

    “All I would ask is that we drop the name calling and the abuse, that only leads to division. That we all try to keep an open mind especially when we are short of facts and that we try to find a way through this so we can concentrate on what we should be doing. Supporting the team on the park.”

    If ever an appeal needed listened to it is this one. Have we developed such a blood-lust that, now the enemy is defeated, we must turn on each other to satiate our craving? Things have taken place that are distinctly wrong. Reactions have taken place that are distinctly wrong. But when mistakes are made, it is the learning from them that is of value not the counter-condemnations or excuses and certainly not the abuse. Mutual respect for one another and our opinions is central to all inclusiveness and I presume that is what we all still aim for in our unique club. If not, it must be asked how we can claim to be Celtic supporters, no matter what side of the controversies we are on.

    My mother, the finest, not just of women but of human beings, always maintained that at Christmas we should wish for peace on earth and good will to all men but that we must first establish them in our own homes among our own families. If Parkhead is our sporting home and Celtic is truly our footballing family, then let peace reign and good will be the foundation stone of a joyous new year for each and every fan. That way we should find the right and best solution to removing the thorn that has pricked and irritated our historically incomparable reputation for the last couple of years. It is just too easy and biased to rely on lazy, emotional and thoughtless knee-jerk reactions. A universal resolve to re-establish mutual respect and tolerance is not a bad basis for an outstanding 2014.

    H H

  5. Well said mate. The problem is that few people actually take the time to think about the real issues surrounding this sorry mess and start the flak flying when not agreed with. It is a social problem generally but when the Celtic are involved, people often lose good sense and decent opinions are trashed. As a fellow blogger, I have come under severe criticism fron some quarters but if defending the good name and reputation of the club I love together wirh my decent fellow fans then it is worth it. The petty name calling will in all probability continue but being realistic, some people live their lives this way and football is their avanue of vent. I applaude your sentiment and, like you, hope sense comes to the fore. It has for the most part but we keep forging ahead for peace. HH

  6. At a time where we are doing well on the park and heading in a good direction, I for one will focus on that and I know many who feel the same. I have no issues with the GB they brought good displays to the ground. But the GB are not as big as the club. Keep the past where it is and move on as a football team and a club on the verge of good things. We should not be a political vehicle for anyone or any group. Jock Stein waded into the fans once for singing certain songs. If he was alive today he would be doing the same. Lennon as asked and pleaded with the GB to tone things down. Celtic banned them and then lifted it. I believe the last thing the club wanted was this to happen. But after the immature stuff in Motherwell and banners that get us fined and flares that have been asked not to be in the crowd, STILL idiots did it again..The GB are a minority, the season goes on. Bring on Barca and bring on the double.

    VERY sad this has happened. There was no real need for it. Nobody has won a thing here, we all lost.


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