Celtic board to blame for Celtic in Europe this season

You have to feel sorry for the man
You have to feel sorry for the man

In the last 2 years or so Neil Lennon and his players have handed the Celtic board around £60 million with Champions league money and the sale of players like Wanyama for £12.5 Million. The players did it on the park to put  Celtic in a BRILLIANT position last season. We lost Wilson, Wanyama and Hooper. We replaced Wilson with the superb Van Dijk but we are short in midfield as we have no player that can carve teams open, we have no striker like Hooper who was a poacher

Tonight it looked like being 7/8/9 nil, When Lennon brought on Commons, we had 5 chances to score. Sure Barcelona had stopped but Commons won 8 free kicks 30 yards from goal when he came on and this gave the defence  a rest. We lost 6-1 and it equals our worst loss ever. But it is was Barcelona and a Barcelona with no Messi, imagine he was playing!

So who do we blame? We blame the board, we blame Peter Lawwell, 100% we do and the board they never invested what Lennon and his players gave them. Lennon has said the last few weeks he wants to spend big in January and I only hope the board allow him to get the players he feels he needs for next season. We might lose Samaras, we need players, Lustig is close to signing a new deal and Ledley is close also, we need quality players and they cost money and it was money we had, we could have signed 3 Champions League players, players that would have helped. But no the board refused and this policy of signing young talent and selling it on is working but do we want to be a side who buy good players like Van Dijk to see him sold for £15 Million in 2 years to be replaced by a £2 Million youngster? Because this is what  Celtic are doing just now

Help these players out!
Help these players out!

What Neil Lennon can say tonight is “We need to spend and spend big” How many times in the past have we got to a decent level and not spend to keep us there? We can go back to the UEFA Cup Final V Porto, that was a very decent side but we never went to the next level while the next season Porto won the champions league

It is time this board gave Lennon and the players some help because if they don’t players will want to leave and we will go backward very quick. In two seasons  Rangers will be back in the Premiership and if we don’t beat them 5-0 first game that would be a sign the Celtic board have once again let the manager down

Van Dijk is a class act, we need more
Van Dijk is a class act, we need more

Peter Lawwell, I hope you read comments like this, you are disliked for issues off the park and now people WILL question you for things you do, or don’t do on the park. It is time to dig deep and get to the next level. If Lennon is giving the board £20 Million at least a season then give the man money to spend.

I fully expect Lenny to use tonight to tell the board we need to spend


Tonight was just awful, I didn’t get the starting 11, Matthews playing was silly and why split up a team that has just won 5-0 and 7-0?  I guess this will rumble on for a while, but to the Celtic board. Time to back your team manager, so far you have not, you brought a young manager in he has surpassed all our expectations and we don’t back him


8 thoughts on “Celtic board to blame for Celtic in Europe this season

  1. “Matthews playing was silly and why split up a team that has just won 5-0 and 7-0?”

    izzy was suspended so it would be impossible to field the same starting eleven!!!!!!

    ps calm doon, spending gazzilions on players does not guarantee success. Plus Lenny has already said that we tried to sign players in the 4 million bracket but they didnt want to come.

  2. Could have played Ledley left back..Matthews first game in 2 months. I seen him and Sammy on the team sheet and thought “aww” It’s gone now, no anger., You are right we cant go into debt to move forward., But we do need experience, maybe 3-4 older heads. And I remember Lenny saying that about trying to get players. Maybe different targets already been agreed?

    Live text for game, then Match report. That’s my job here.
    We all say and do stuff when down, guess this match report was about the whole Euro campaign reading it again, And we all know the boards stance, buy young, make good, sell. We be lucky to have Van Dijk next summer, But looks like Lustig and Ledley are signing new deals. I think we are a few players away from being really decent,..
    Opinions, opinions…what it’s all about Stephen.


  3. Sorry but you’re wrong. A club called rangers went bust chasing European success with cash. The Celtic board are to blame for allowing Lennon to spend money when we should have went down the same route as Ajax and developed our youth.
    That is the ONLY way Scottish football will return to the level it was at in the early 80s before rangers ruined it.

    1. I am well aware they went bust, I do have eyes…And they will be back in the top league..
      We as a group of fans are ripping each others faces off just now. No idea why. Seems opinions are not allowed any more..

      They WILL be back in the top league, and we will just to deal with it,


  4. The board didn’t drop Stokes, Commons and Mulgrew from the team that scored 12 goals in the previous 2 matches. Nor did they decide to play Samaras for the whole match who, goal apart, was as useless last night as he has been the entire season so far. I’m fairly sure it wasn’t the board who picked a player that’s hardly trained or kicked a ball for two months. I very much doubt it was anyone on the board who identified Pukki and Balde as signing targets. And FFS can we please forget about Hooper and Wanyama, they’ve been gone for months and wouldn’t have made the slightest difference last night in any case.

    I’m not absolving the board. The current signing policy is nonsense. Take Wanyama out of the equation and Celtic have made very little profit from the supposed “buy young sell on” masterplan. Just look at the load of diddies who’ve picked up fat pay packets in the past few years – Miku, Lassad etc. We really need to concentrate on rearing our own talent. The much lauded state of the art academy and training facilities are producing absolutely nothing. James Forrest. One player in how many years? It’s pathetic

    So where are we now? Champions League whipping boys and too good for the SPFL. I wish I had the answers.

    Finally, Rangers won’t be back in the Premiership because they are gone, defunct, liquidated. I’m sure this promotion of the MSM propaganda on a Celtic site is one of oversight and won’t be repeated. At least I hope so.

    Hail Hail

    1. Mulgrew and Commons were injured slightly. Stokes no idea what is going on there, there is an issue.
      We have saved a fortune in wages also, I could have added that…

      And be we like it or not, a team in Blue called Rangers will live on and be in the top league in 2 seasons. The SFA and SNP won’t let them die. You should know this…..

      Good points..


  5. Even with money available it was going to be difficult to attract the right class of player but a decent showing in the group would have helped a great deal. After last night’s debacle (anybody understand the team selection btw?) who’s going to come rushing to Celtic Park now?

    1. Didn’t get the starting 11. Commons should have started. When he came on last 15 minutes we improved a lot.

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