Are You Concerned About Fans Harassment ?

Are You Concerned About Fans Harassment ?

Hail, Hail fellow Tims.

Tonight I’ve noticed several of our fellow supporters complaining about fan harassment at today’s match. This is no big surprise to me as I’ve been involved with Fans Against Criminalisation for a couple of years now. However what I’d like to say is that while social media is good for highlighting issues it’s not the right platform to resolve issues.

We are all too aware that tensions are high in our support at present, and that is leading to infighting even when fans are raising issues on fellow supporters being harassed by Police and Celtic Stewards. Therefor what I suggest is the following;

If you yourself feel you are being unfairly treated or witness fellow supporters being mistreated by Police or stewards then take some photos or video and send them in an email to  or other organisation like CSA or Affiliation Of Registered Celtic Supporters Clubs (both along with the Celtic Trust are members of FAC) with details about what happened. By all means upload your pics etc to social media as these things should be highlighted. But if you want to see an end to this and the offensive behavior at football act then go through the proper channels and help build a strong case for action.

Thanks again to everyone who have passed on their good wishes, I’m feeling a bit better but won’t be back to full tilt till early in the new year.

Hail, Hail

Wullie 🙂

fans against criminalisation
fans against criminalisation



3 thoughts on “Are You Concerned About Fans Harassment ?

  1. Short answer Yes! I had a season ticket for 15 years but will not be back until this is all put to bed. A shame as I have children I’d love to take but not when it’s like this!

  2. Well that’s about £100,000 in UEFA fines so far, what’s next closed stadium, not to mention the flares and seat damage done by OUR fans, we appear to bringing the trouble to OUR OWN DOORSTEP!!! Its not all one way traffic!!, on another note Barca fans displayed political Catalan banners last week and UEFA state no politics in football BUT EVERY game last week had minute silence/applause for Nelson Mandela !! LETS JUST GET BEHIND THE HOOPS !! HAIL HAIL 🙂

  3. You take care of yourself, Wullie.

    Football supporters worldwide have consistently behaved badly on some or many occasions. They and their clubs have inconsistently been penalised and regaled by the press. But one club has consistently been punished by the authorities, targeted by police and regaled by the local media. That club is unique for a million reasons and was held in the highest regard throughout the football and other worlds. That club has received the highest praise internationally for its footballing prowess and its support the greatest accolades for its sporting standards.

    The club’s profile has been tarnished by the behaviour of some fans, behaviour, mark you, not necessarily inconsistent with the aberrations of other supporters world wide. That profile has been exceptional and outstanding. But that profile has not sat well in many, many quarters both at home and abroad. That profile has been challenged and attacked by an inordinate number of people and much more so since the club’s greatest rival was liquidated and no longer has a profile. Would I be paranoid in suspecting there is an inordinate amount of attention being paid to the minutest actions of both club and fans. Would it be paranoid to think there is a concerted effort to punish the club and harass its supporters excessively and sometimes without justification? Would it be paranoid to believe the club is condemned and penalised for certain actions of some of its fans when identical behaviour is exonerated elsewhere? Would it be paranoid to feel that the prying eyes of football authorities in Scotland and Europe are desperately seeking a fly in the normally pure ointment of the club, one that can be jumped upon with the heaviest of jackboots? Or is it paranoid to think there is an hidden agenda somewhere to destabilise or even destroy a club because the supremacy of its former rival has disappeared and all efforts to resurrect its dominance have failed? Or was J.F.K. just in the wrong place at the wrong time after all?

    Those with proof of the truth must provide practical support to the cause. Those who do not have, look to the protection of the club rather than the division of righteous condemnation. That way, the club will remain Glasgow Celtic.

    H H

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