Fans must come together, remember RIGHT history!



The image above is my desktop picture, it reminds me what we are the best fans in the world. I ask, and I am just asking, in that picture, how many fans are there and how many more were there we could not see. And I ask how many were Green Brigade. I speak as a fan who deal with what happens on the park. I don’t want to see the past brought to the club. I see many fans just being stupid and asking for it but I also hear many fans are getting it from the police for nothing but I am yet to see a video or proof that this is true, I just know below is unacceptable for any club’s fans to do


So what do we do as a group of fans? Do we keep arguing with each other? We are all aware of history so do we have to bring images to the ground that we know will upset UEFA and the Club? We live in hard times to be a Celtic fan, times have changed and rules are changing. To be I see it almost as if the club are saying “Come, pay your money buy our food and drink and shut up” So how do we as a group of fans combat this feeling. Do we all feel this way? Do we all feel victimised? Do we all feel unwelcome at the ground? I think this here was stupid, will the Green Brigade pay the fine?


I think the Green Brigade were stupid that night, I don’t speak for TCN here I speak ONLY as a fan who is concerned at the infighting between our fans that have a certain team in blue laughing at us. We are better than this shit. The Green brigade were IMMENSE for Celtic but they are gone now, there won’t be any more Green brigade. I ask what idiots die the FUCK UEFA banner, I ask what idiots did the damage to seats at a time where the Green Brigade has been warned and banned already. People say “How do you know it was the Green Brigade” and they would be correct. But the club have to pay fines and we just got another one. How about the Green Brigade pay the fine for these issues? I don’t think they should. I remember this here



This is what we as fans are capable of doing. I believe politics have no space in a football stadium. I am half Irish and proud of it. I look back at Celtic history however. Should we as a club look back at IRA history?  Really I am only asking here, as a fan base should we sing about the IRA and the History surrounding it? Anyone remember this here?



This image will anger many but listen to MANY MORE it is a sign of progress, we have moved on  from all that. History is where it is so why drag the club down with it. We all know and respect Bobby Sands and the 10, I know I do. But we can’t bring it into the ground. We should celebrate what we have achieved as a club. That is what the MAJORITY WANT TO SEE. I know there is a “Discrimination of fans” issue going on and I am in no place to question or debate this. But as a fan, just a fan. And a lad who does live text reports and match reports for Wullie here, and I can’t thank him enough he knows this. For me as a fan I want to focus and celebrate what we did as a club, that is the history I want to see and I know many more do




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Bells' Scottish league premier division - Celtic v St. Johnstone

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Henrik Larsson Celtic football player


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8 thoughts on “Fans must come together, remember RIGHT history!

  1. If your going to comment on the trouble at Motherwell get your facts right out of all the fans arrested there were none connected to the Green Brigade and most of the trouble that happens you find out if you could get your head out Mr lawwell arse and listen to fucking facts you clown !!!

    1. Hi Tommy…
      I was talking about fans coming together because many feel we are not. So thank you for proving my point. I looked at many pictures of the area were seats were STUPIDLY wrecked (WEEKS AFTER WE, CELTIC FANS HAD A GO AT AJAX FOR DOING IT) and there seemed to be GB Scarfs in there mate. But this is not what the blog is about. Surely you can see this?

      You swear and whatever, we are better than that pal. Another group of idiots do that. Now we are doing it to each other. I go on the Huddleboard, Kerrydale Street, all the forums, I had a look at about 5 forums tonight and all I could see was hatred like you buddy.

      Look past seats and try and comment on the rest of the blog, if you can of course, If you have already made your mind up then I am wasting my time. I was VERY wrong on Twitter many times and i can and did admit it. It is hard to admit you are wrong. I did, can you? Swearing at calling me a clown.

      And this blog is about Celtic fans coming together. If you don’t have it in you to talk with respect then I suggest you try Tommy. Debate is easy if you debate. When people like me do blogs like this we put our heads on the block and by doing this blog I expected comments like this.
      Why? Because this is what some Celtic fans are like. Am I wrong?

      Enjoy the rest of the season buddy. And drop the hate.


  2. Brilliant so many diffrent aspects, lets as u say stop all this in house fightin & get our team Moving Forword as supporters of a gREAT team WHITCH MEANS so mutch to us all the GREEN BRIGADE ARE THE EASY TARGET if they are the ones they need to get sorted out & stop getting the club into bother.The GB have brought some great stuff to the game but need to stop all the bad stuff & get back to macking all the new songs & dances during games & going to gams.I know Peter Lawwel & plc has other agendas & the fans are not part off that he seems to be halding CELTIC back with all this inhouse fighting.As wee the CELTIC FAMILY shoild be moving forword & get out off Scottish football as wee are not wanted its so blatent,Sectarian is suppose to be against the law but as always JUST ONE SIDED& CELTIC FAMILY are always pick on has been that way since time began so when is it going to be changed.CELTIC will be asked or more likely told to take down the IRISH TRICOULOR,why not ask all the other teams to fly the tri-coulor as many from that COUNTRIE LIVE PLAY & WORK SUPPORT ALL DIFFRENT TEAMS IN THIS COUNTRIE THE EXCUSE IS THE PLAYERS WHO PLAY FOR THE CERTAIN TEAM FLY THE APPROIATE FLAG AS SUPPORT OFF THE INDAVIGAL GOD BLESS ALL MERRY XMASS HH KTF.

  3. Well said no hatred required CELTIC fans are better than that wee require to stop in house fighting as that is what the establishment want who says wee were not infotrated OO PARANOIYA CHIP ON OUR SHOLDERS so lets all be ONE stick together & all stand or sit arm in arm at the stadiam & sing our hearts out the hole place should be ONE as CELTIC IS A FAMILY & thats what the establishment don’t like thier are lots of songs wee can sing &GB MAKE MORE UP AS THEY ARE GOOD AT DOING THIS HH KTF ALL MERRY XMASS ALL GODBLESS

  4. That’s a great wee piece that btw, highlights the importance of being a family and staying a family. What’s more is the infighting must stop or we will end up like certain other teams. Not only in Scotland but in the whole world. Liverpool FC are another club who take family very seriously, I think that’s why they have such a large fanbase whom I might add have stood by them through a lot of ups and ultimate lows also. We must STAND AS ONE…AS A cure this problem. In my opinion it’s not the Green Brigade who are the problem or were the problem, I blame Thatcher! Burn in hell you old bastard. CELTIC FAMILY MUST STAND AS ONE!! The Thatcher comment was a bit of humour but the rest I’m deadly serious about. AnD just to finish this off….i can quite safely safe that the Celtic FC board are NOT helping matters in this instance. HH YNWA GBGC

  5. Hi Shaun

    I have been quiet of late partly because I have been otherwise occupied thanks to commitments outside of football.

    But I have also avoided making comments simply because of the fractious nature of the discussions in almost every blog you read whether on here or elsewhere. What I find most irritating is the accusations and counter condemnations from every side many of which are based on very tenuous or even false information. I do not get to matches these days and I would not be so presumptuous as to make a judgement about who was or was not to blame for anything. As far as I am concerned, there are people employed by club and country to attend to the behavioural side of supporters. We fans have absolutely no reason to be involved in the issues unless we have personal cause to be so. As I see it there are but a few instances where this can be justified. One, of course, is if the authorities force one to be involved. The second is when behaviour impacts directly upon an individual to the detriment of his physical or mental well being. The third is when one is witness to or a victim of blatant injustice. Other than these few reasons, I can think of no other excuse for poking anything into the argument, debate, discussion or whatever. It seems to me the divide in the Celtic support is more to do with individuals who wallow in “shit” stirring, who simply live to gripe or who are unwilling or unable to tolerate any opinion, behaviour or attitude outwith their own. Or, perhaps, they simply do not like their comfort zone being challenged. That is not realistic. Oh that it were and we could all live as we wish without disturbance. That is simply not life.

    Many of the issues involve sections of the crowd going overboard on occasions – vandalism, violence, racism, sectarianism and bigotry are self condemnatory. These same supporters have a tendency to intersperse ingenuity with thoughtlessness, humour with bad taste. Other supporters have in turn praised them and criticised them, lauded them and condemned them. I say let the sinless cast the first stone. Have none of their detractors ever made a rash move, regretted not behaving differently? Have they been so well trained all their lives they never misjudged the mood or simply “got it wrong”? Besides, who said anyone got it wrong? The authorities? Those same authorities these same critics have uniformly condemned themselves for their cynicism and injustice? Like any taste, it is subjective. We may criticise but that does not give us the right to condemn. We may condone punishment but do we have the right to ostracise? Let those charged with dealing with these problems deal with them and keep our own mouths shut and our emotions in check.

    It is my contention that Celtic football fans are currently living a contradiction. Families naturally unite to protect but we seem to divide to destroy. Families resent, condemn and even punish the black sheep but they also forgive, try to instruct and reform and continue to include them. Families do not throw any of their brood to the wolves but unite to fend off attacks. If that is not the case among Celtic fans, then we are not a family and possibly never truly were. If we continue treading the cliff edge, there is in my opinion, one guarantee; we will fall to destruction and may even take the club with us.

    I may seem to hint at sympathy for those currently in trouble and appear to be against those who condemn them. That is palpably untrue. I take no side as I have insufficient evidence or knowledge to make a judgement either way. However, I have read and tried to absorb the many comments from both sides on the various issues. It is upon these I have based my opinions. I can only judge from what I read and hear. I have also avoided highlighting or opinionating on any single event. It was my intention neither to avoid an individual issue nor to debate it. That would be for another post at another time and definitely only when I was well enough informed to do so. My purpose here is simply to sketch some of the understanding I see is necessary for us to come together if we are to get any closer to the writer’s appeal.

    Peace to all men? For heavens sake let us start at home, in this case Parkhead.

    H H

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