Coming In 2014

Coming In 2014

When I return full time after the new year I and this site will not be scrutinising the Ibrox board. We’ll leave that to others.

Instead we will be scrutinising the current custodians of OUR club, Police Scotland FoCUS and the SNP government.

It’s clear that a growing section of our support are concerned about the direction the current custodians are taking OUR club in. Many feel that we are moving away from the original ethos of the founding fathers. However on the other hand many are happy with the way OUR club is going. There are also other issues surrounding politics in the stadium and of course the Green Brigade. Over the past while these issues have been argued out on social media in the full glare of the succulent lamb takers, all this has done is provide them with ammunition to attack both the support and OUR club.

To try and combat this we will be setting up a private area on the site to allow our support to openly debate our differences on a range of issues. I will personally oversee security to make sure the smsm are shut out.

So whether you pro board or anti board, pro GB or anti GB, In favour or against the Offensive Behavior at Football act, etc we invite all Celtic fans to engage in debate and try to find a more united way forward.

The team will always have 100% support from this site but questions need to be asked about the PLC Board.

Hail, Hail

2 thoughts on “Coming In 2014

  1. Wullie

    That is brilliant, absolutely so. Open debate should be a given in today’s world but we all know how opinion is warped by others and used against us for insidious purposes. Times never change.

    As for supporting Celtic football team everywhere and anywhere, that IS, and some should come to realise this, distinctly different from challenging and questioning how the club is run. It is the latter that makes us different. It is the latter that makes us Celtic. It is the latter that protects us and safeguards our future. We should not be afraid of it but we must never let it destroy us from inside or out.

    H H

    PS Looking forward to your full return.

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