A journo is a journo

Firstly, I’m no a member of any Celtic forum other than TCN. I’ve not been witness to any threads or posts in many a year so can’t comment direct on any posts directed at anyone.

Secondly, I’m not one for abusing another simply down to a difference in opinion. Always felt it best to turn away rather than vent anger towards someone. Any abuse put to another online deserves what is coming.

Now Alex Thomson, even when he became viral here in Glasgow I’ve always regarded the man as what he is – A Journo.

What made Alex Thomson any better than any other journalist up here than the likes of Keevins, Guidi or Jackson?

It was simply down to his angle at the time of attacking everything Govan side, it was because they were easy prey. They were imploding from within and Alex simply viewed them as an easy target.

The one thing I did give credit to Alex was that unlike the above he wasn’t as sensationalized  & tabloid like as what we’re used to.

Today’s attack on the Celtic support though was every much like the drivel we get up here. Right up there with the Dundee & Amsterdam riots, right up there with Thugs N Thieves.

Look all around football and you’ll find an element which will fall into Thomson’s blog about Celtic fans. Throughout society you’ll see the same but Thomson choose’s to tar a full support with the posts of what I can only assume as being a few.

Maybe Thomson can name & shame the posters of the Huddleboard, after all this is the same thing he choose’s to throw at the forum’s moderators.

The bottom line here is that a journo is a journo, take away its story and it’ll be the same to another.

When was Thomson’s last blog or news piece about Scotland? Anything on the indy debate? Or is it easier to launch an attack on a group of football supporters to back up another in the job?

What’s more, I can’t imagine Millwall supporters appreciating him tagging us with them considering what they dislike everything the VAST majority of Celtic fans stand for. An open inclusive support, no matter colour, creed, nationality, sex or origin. (Give and take a small number of idiots) like every other collection of individuals throughout the modern world.

Remember, A journo is a journo.

6 thoughts on “A journo is a journo

  1. Disappointed with his lack of research..easy plug to have some numpties attack him on twitter and he can then justify part of his ill informed tirade. With you 100%..when he justifies his piece then maybe he will regain some stature instead of his current cheap story telling.

  2. I agree.What annoyed me was the refusal by 2 well known Celtic bloggers to condemn the article.They would rather eat Thomo’s succulent lamb than disagee with him.After all,you might want him to write the foreword for your next book.

  3. Kraljski

    Well said. It just highlights the need for the Celtic support to unite as one against its detractors, whether within or without. What Thompson’s article proves is all journalists/reporters, along with their papers and owners, no matter how high or low brow, all work to planned agendas. We must recognise their propensity for lazy journalism when they “go with the flow”. We must not be duped by the “sweet talk”. In particular we must scrutinise them more vigorously when they take apparently genuine stances. More often they are driven by personal gain and fame rather than balanced truth. We should ever be on our guard against these dangerous headliners.

    Good journalism, my friend.

    H H

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