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To read this today made me more than angry, a complaint was submitted that brings into question land deals done between Celtic and Glasgow City Council hinting towards some kind of state aid or help from banks make me angry, very angry. We can speculate where the complaint came from that is all, but an educated guess might lead us to a place we don’t want to go. As one team in Glasgow has had 10’s of millions of pounds in state aid and help from banks for many years is this not just a kick in the backside to a club that, as said in the statement “operates to the highest standards and with the utmost integrity” The commission are not looking into deals done for Lennoxtown with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde more so areas around Celtic park. This makes me angry. I know we can speculate all day but I find this astonishing. I am 100% on the side of my club and when this is put to bed I think the club will be looking at who made the complaint. If indeed it came from where most suspect will that not be the most ironic thing we have ever seen? As for now we can only guess and see where this investigation takes us

The European Commission is looking into claims that Celtic Football Club broke EU rules in land deals involving Glasgow City Council. Officials in Brussels said they had asked for detailed information after receiving a number of complaints. In a statement, the council confirmed one of the complaints focussed on land deals around Celtic Park in the east end of the city. The Commission said it had not yet opened a formal investigation. The information is being analysed, it said, so no conclusions can be drawn. Last year, the council agreed to sell land valued at more than £750,000 to Celtic.

Celtic FC statement

A statement released by Celtic said the club “operates to the highest standards and with the utmost integrity”. It added: “At a time when the club is committed to investing in and improving areas around Celtic Park, not only for Celtic supporters but for the benefit of the local community, it is sad that these baseless accusations have been raised with the European Commission. “Any suggestion that Celtic has been the beneficiary of state aid is preposterous – as ludicrous as any suggestion that we have benefited from soft loans from our bankers. The historic transactions referred to were negotiated with the council on commercial terms at market rates. “The club will assist the Commission fully with the process and will not be deterred from our work to improve our local area.”

A spokesman for the city council said: “A complaint was made to the European Commission on historic land deals around Celtic Park. “The Commission is legally obliged to investigate all such allegations, and the council was happy to provide information on these transactions. “Health board statement:  NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, which sold part of its Lennox Castle site at Lennoxtown to Celtic for a training ground, said it has had no requests for information about any land deal it has been involved in.

A spokesman for the Scottish government said: “We are aware of these allegations and we are working with the relevant parties to help the Commission to investigate this case consistent with our role to ensure public funds in Scotland are used in compliance with EU state aid regulations. “The transaction between the health board and Celtic is not being investigated by the European Commission but we are also aware of it and are discussing it with the relevant parties.”

The European Commission is also looking at whether claims of deals between the Spanish government and some of the country’s football clubs, including Real Madrid and Barcelona, constitute “state aid”

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  1. You might not want to go there but the fact is that this complaint originated in Belfast. I have been following this on BistoFC/Sevco blogs and the main complaint was from one Gregory Campbell. Hopefully this will be taken into consideration.

  2. this comes from the muppets on rangers chat a guy by the name of fan power he is a clown who thinks he is some sort of p/i

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