Open Meeting For Celtic Fans

Open Meeting For Celtic Fans

We would like to pass on the following information we received yesterday.

Dear all

In the light of all the recent events and developments within Celtic Park and in other grounds, the Celtic Trust has decided to call an Open Meeting (similar to ones held a few years ago) to discuss, in a formal and structured way, the concerns that many supporters have, and to determine, if possible a unified response.

The meeting will be held in the Celtic Club, London Road on Wednesday 22nd January at 7pm.  I realise that this will not suit everyone but it should be seen as part of a process, with other meetings to follow if it seems useful to do so.

Best wishes


on behalf of the Celtic Trust

I will be attending the meeting so if you can’t make it there will be a full report on The Celtic Network.

Hail, Hail


3 thoughts on “Open Meeting For Celtic Fans

  1. Wullie

    Sorry, I cannot make it but would be eternally grateful for a report. I believe Celtic and by that I mean everything and everyone connected to the club, is going through a traumatic phase, mainly brought on by ourselves but inflamed by the anti-Celtic elements in the whole of Scottish life. Anything that can potentially help sort out the internal squabbles and consequently provide confidence to challenge the detractors, has to be not only positive but even essential. Let us attack this virus that currently besets us with the effective medication of honesty to expose the WHOLE TRUTH, humility to ACCEPT THE FAULTS AND FAILINGS ON ALL SIDES and courage to TAKE THE NECESSARY RISKS TO ENSURE A UNITED AND SOUND FUTURE. No matter how repulsive, the medication has to be administered and absorbed by all sides.

    I know you will represent us here on TCN with honour and verve.

    H H

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