Help For The Homeless – by Dermo67

Help For The Homeless – by Dermo67

I don’t know if you could class this as a blog or a rant. The reason I am gonna go on about is the state of our homeless people in our so called progressive cities, for example – Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen and many other towns and cities. Please don’t be offended if your town, city or even village has not been mentioned. The main reason I use the big three is because their councils have the biggest budgets.

Now I am gonna ask for a favour, not at this minute but later in the year. Right at some stage in your fortunate lives you’ve went camping or fishing overnight, now you would have used a tent presumably …well that’s not what I am looking for. I want the sleeping bag that you used once and is lying under the stairs or in the spare room or even your garage.

This will be happening later in the year so that you can have one more camping expedition then I want your old sleeping bags!!! Aye I’m not even gonna give you money for them, simple I just want them.

I am going to organise a meeting with a few folk who have the same feelings towards the homeless folk on our streets, we cannot just walk by those souls and not think that there is something wrong. We as fellow human beings must try and help.

Our plan is to collect sleeping bags and give them to homeless people to help keep warm or give them to a hostel to disperse or use in shelters.

We are going to need help from people i.e. somewhere to store them plus a good sized vehicle to help us to deliver them. We will do our best not to ask for too much but if you could also make a wee donation to help it would be more than gratefully accepted. This would be used for fuel and any leftover will be given to a homeless charity.

Thanks for taking time out to read this wee plea,

Dermot or @Dermo67 on twitter


13 thoughts on “Help For The Homeless – by Dermo67

  1. It is a disgrace that people have to sleep rough on the street. I spoke to a young lad on xmas day sleeping rough in Belfast, his story was very sad but he was very positive about life. It would not take much to change this. Why do so many people not care?

  2. People don’t care John because they are not affected by the situation ,people just make assumptions about homeless people..

  3. Disgracefull circumstances the homeless are left in…no were near enuff help provided for them..yet again it falls on the feet of mr public too help them out,This should not be required in this day and age but unfortunately it is and as long as it is I would be willing too help in any way I can…

  4. Shocking this is required in this day and age ,seems to be getting worse in Glasgow Hats .Scarves and Gloves would also help @maxibhoy

  5. well said that man.. I work in homelessness and it never ceases to disgust me that people are still sleeping rough. there are many reasons for this nut the main one is that there is a lack of political will to fund more emergency accomodation and to build more socially rented housing. The lpcal authorities are breaking the law when they turn peopl away from homeless offices/casework teams and they still continue to do it with no repercussions. Just as a suggestion, if your looking for storage and a van you could ask one of the homeleas day centres in glasgow re rhis. They are The Marie Trust, The City Mission and The Lodging House Mission. If you need amy more info pm me. good work yiur doing here. All the best

  6. I was homeless for almost a year when I was 17-18 years old. Externally the building façade was stunning. West End Victorian detached building and within a stones throw from One Devonshire Gardens. The property I called “home” for a year was illegally used as a homeless unit – it had no electricity or hot water and was actually condemned at one point. The owner also owned “legal” homeless unit just across the road and used the building I lived in as an extension. I met some amazing people there. I was fortunate that I was able to get myself out the situation but not everyone can. I would never judge a homeless person because I know that it could happen to anyone.

  7. I’ve lived on the streets for most of my adult life,drugs became a major part as they staved away the lonliness and enabled me to bear the cold on nights to b able to shut my eyes,that was my life for a decade,a horrible existence,I’m glad to say I’m now in my own tenancy and working,but i wouldnt have got here without help,and that’s what we have to do……HELP THE HOMELESS!!! Dermo on twitter u know me as DAMJUSTICE so if u dm me i would love to help however I can ! oh and that “im.allright jack” culture has been around for years mo chara……unfortunately !

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