Scotland’s Referee Problem

Now as a Celtic supporter I’m obviously brainwashed into having an issue with referee’s and anyone employed by the SFA, I go about my day-to-day business with the sole purpose of being obsessed in other clubs and being paranoid about how authoritative figures have it against my team.

It’s always when we lose or drop points that we Celtic fans bleat about decision’s going against us so in a way to go against that notion I thought I’d finally get round to bumping my gums about the issue which will not go away and that for me affects all Scottish Premier League teams. I don’t watch other league football so I can’t comment much on the lower leagues.

I’ll put this bluntly, I don’t care as a football supporter if associations find it difficult to recruit officials, I understand that it’s a difficult job but be it you, me, Neil Lennon, Scott Brown, Gordon Strachan anyone from coaches, players or even directors, if you’re failing at your chosen role then you should be held accountable for your actions and if managers & players are asked to explain their decisions then so must officials and those that put them in their position.

All season we’ve witnessed appalling decision’s from professional part-time officials. I use the term professional as these “Grade officials are paid more than the vast majority of players and are given the luxury of mid-season breaks to sunny Spain. I wonder why there wasn’t the same uproar with the official’s and their jaunt’s as there was with our mid-season break in Turkey.

After the bleating about official’s being picked on a few season’s back we had more bleating that they weren’t being paid enough. They didn’t feel their several hundred pounds pay packet for a match day merited their abilities and demanded that they deserved more support, less criticism and more pay. More pay they got.

So this season we’ve witnessed several instance’s of ridiculous officiating and rather than be honest, responsible official’s we’re being told that they can’t as –

“The problem we have with referees speaking after a game is that a number of matters may be referred to the Compliance Officer for review and a referee commenting could prejudice any case.

We are very restricted in what we can voice and I think it would bring more problems than benefits to the referees. We need to protect them as best we can so it’s best they don’t speak to the media after matches.”

Doesn’t explain the silence we’ve had before the Compliance Officer (Vinny Lunny) began his role back in October 2011.

So part-time referee’s in Scotland are paid more than some full-time players, they aren’t allowed to explain their awful decision-making, they get a sunny jaunt to La Manga year after year and the person that is credited with the role to govern them reckons –

“we are doing well domestically” –

Aye John Fleming, tell that to St Johnstone & Hearts about Brian Colvin’s  performance on Saturday, tell most teams whenever Wullie Collum officiate’s in their games. How about Bobby Madden’s various honest mistake’s at Celtic Park.

Credit to Joe McHugh’s blog on @VideoCelts who has documented some other comment’s from various managers about various poor referee’s.

Hopefully this ranting blog doesn’t go too far though, we don’t want our top-notch referee’s and assistant’s spitting the dummy again leading to official’s from lesser league’s in Europe showing them how to do their jobs.

Last word, that bastion of truth Dougie McDonald is back within the SFA payroll & another Dallas being fast tracked up the brotherhood, so much to look forward to.

1 thought on “Scotland’s Referee Problem

  1. IF you call refs monkeys thats an insult too the poor animals . How can they not see for themselves what idiots they look IF they watch a re run of the game. they should be taken to task for all their mistakes publicly as it is us the paying customer who pay their wages NOT the SFA!!

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