Super Celtic demolish Hibs as Forster produces class

Easy win for Celtic today in a game we could have easily been in trouble, at 1-0 Hibs had a 15 minute spell with Forster making 3 World Class saves and proving he is worth a goal as Celtic went on to win this one easy 4-0.

_72532284_commons_goal_sns1-0 early on Commons getting on the end of a bad header by the Hibs defence he used his chest to get past the defence, took a touch and shot into the left of the goal, again an early Commons goal. Hibs were always in the game at 1-0 and had a few half chances, young Harris worked Fisher but the young right back was good today. The first half was scrappy from then on in and we all waited for the 2nd half whistle.

The second half started with Pukki coming on for Biton. At this stage Hibs had a lot of the ball and really worked our defence hard. 3 SUPERB saves by Forster proving why England want him in their squad. Celtic then took more control and 2-0 was just WOW by Van Dijk. In-fact thanks to #RepublicOfFootball here is the goal

Super strike from a Centre half who is young and can handle the highest level, what a find again by Lenny and his scouts. Then it was 3-0 and again a wonder strike by a player we ALL wanted to score badly and what a strike, got the ball inside the box to the right and hammered it high into the net. Here is the goal. Thanks again to #RepublicOfFootball

With 3 points to take home Lenny brought on Balde for the very poor Samaras who’s head was clearly elsewhere and we got a 5 minutes look at new £2 Million midfielder Stefan Johansen, he had a few turns on the ball and looked assured. With time running out Pukki was sent into the box, running past the penalty spot he was fouled and penalty,  Commons stepped up for his 2nd and Celtic’s 4th


I said before the game if we play well 3-0 if we play as we can 5-0 so I think 4-0 was about right. But we must look back to the 3 saves at 1-0 by Forster, for anyone who has not seen these saves you are in for a treat.

Next 4 games are at home, this is an amazing run and with injuries and uncertainly surrounding players contracts. I think Ledley will stay and Sammy will go. One of an Ex Hibs strikers friends let slip Leigh Griffiths wants to come to Celtic. Mixed opinions, when he was in Edinburgh I had a few arguments with him but he can score goals. We signed Scott McDonald and the likes so never say never. Let’s hope Lenny can get someone in

Final score: Hibernian 0-4 Celtic

Match Reporter man of the match: Fraser Forster for 3 world class saves at 1-0

World Class at 1-0 from Forster
World Class at 1-0 from Forster








3 thoughts on “Super Celtic demolish Hibs as Forster produces class

  1. Hi Shaun

    I am a bit incapacitated with a heavy cold right now and with my other ailments I have to be a bit careful. So, I had a wee lie in today and have just read your report. It seems to fit pretty squarely with the CTV commentary though that is often not the case. CTV must have a special deal for green tinted spectacles. That is why I find your blog commentary good to follow alongside. Anyway, I am about to watch the CTV video and I hope to get back with a few remarks. It looks like I will have little more to add and, boy, am I looking forward to Virgil’s free kick and Big Fraser’s saves. Be back soon, I hope.

    H H

  2. Hi Shaun

    The video took a bit longer than anticipated as I had to retreat to my bed again. I have watched the full game now and I think you have summed it up to a tee. The goals were excellent and two of them quite superb. I do agree Forster made some terrific saves to keep us on top at 1-0 though I would put only one of the saves in the world class bracket. As someone wrote elsewhere, great as they were, the others were what should be expected of a top goalkeeper. One very salient point though, is the fact he makes these saves even though he is not involved for long periods. That to me is where his real ability is showing and that is where his Celtic experience will stand him in good stead at any level. It is far from an easy role and it can be the downfall of Celtic keepers who often have to spend a lot of the game as mere spectators. So, really well done to the Big Man.

    I have to say, in spite of the excellent performances of a number of players yesterday, I go almost delirious when that man Van Dijk is on the ball. What a class act. Even yesterday, when I think he was not always at his best, he stood head and shoulders – often literally – above everybody else. He truly is a joy to watch.

    It was a bit of a graft day with only the minimum of skill but I am certain the conditions, both pitch and weather, played their part. What I did enjoy was the end to end stuff, the determination by both teams to come out victors. There were flashbacks to the old days when the football was not always pretty but it had you on the edge of your seat – ironically they only had them in the stands then and now you would be arrested if you did it literally. Yes, an all round very satisfying performance and if young Darnell Fisher keeps doing the business, supporters would be hard pressed to argue against forgetting transfers and giving our youngsters more regular first team opportunities.

    Thanks again for all your hard work, Shaun. I look forward to the next one.

    H H

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