Help For The Homeless – Part 2 @Dermo67

Help For The Homeless – Part 2 @Dermo67

Right folks ,you may remember I put a wee blog out a couple of weeks ago re getting sleeping bags for the homeless, well I am going to organise a meeting with folk who have offered to help,more the merrier.

We now have been offered the use of a van and storage space, we will have to contact homeless agencies etc to see how we go about giving out the sleeping bags, may I also add beanie hats and gloves would also be welcome.

If you are going to donate a sleeping bag could you please try and see that it is rolled up or in a bag for storage reasons..thanks.

The response we have had to the blog was superb, but I shouldn’t have been surprised, there are a lot of good people out there.

Once we have had the meeting, we will send out info on how we will collect the bags and things.

Remember we are only a couple of steps from possibly being in that situation ourselves, there for the grace of god go I…


Ps thanks for taking time to read this,

And also thanks in advance for your generous donations.

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