Joe Ledley, missed on and off the park

Ledley will ALWAYS be remembered for this moment and more


A blog I wanted to do a while back but I left doing it in hope he would stay but sadly he left. We got money for him, released Mohamed Bangura from his contract and spent that money signing Leigh Griffiths from Wolves where he was top scorer.  There is no doubting Griffiths will score goals but we lost something HUGE this week

I am guessing here but an educated guess that the Celtic dressing room won’t be the same without Ledley. He had a huge impact on the team in the dressing room and at training. He is a TOP player. We were told by Lennon we had £6M to spend. I won’t argue if Ledley wanted to leave we had to cash in, but if he left over a few thousand pound that would be brutal to take. He looked happy, he looked content. Many players stated in the press and on the Celtic website “We all want Joe to stay”

Watching the game today I sensed the players missed Joe, maybe some were disappointed at the board for not trying hard enough maybe some were disappointed in Joe for going to a relegation side when Champions League football was on the menu here. I would like to think Joe wanted to go home but London isn’t home. I remember many tweeting “If he leaves for Cardiff City I will understand” to leave at the last second for a team who probably will be relegated makes no sense. I asked the same with Hooper. It must be money, it has to be because the prestige of playing for Celtic is higher than anything Hooper and Ledley will get now. They won’t have big nights like Barcelona, they have traded Hero status almost for less. Maybe Joe got an extra £20,000 a week, I have no idea.

All I know is I miss Joe, he was something else as a player for us, he could spot a pass and was starting to score goals. BUT This season I don’t think he started one Champions League game, I am guessing he maybe started in the 6-1 defeat in Barcelona.

The fans will miss you Joe but more so your ex team mates off and on the park. So good luck to you and your family whatever your future brings mate. You will always be remembered for many things, but sadly you won’t be doing this again Joe



15 thoughts on “Joe Ledley, missed on and off the park

  1. Couldn’t agree more.
    I’m a grown man and have been about long enough to know players, and clubs, manipulate fans however this time I thought we had a guy, originally not a Celtic fan, who loved the place.
    Unlike most fans I like to watch guys who can do the simple things and Joe could do them in three or four positions. Left back, left midfield, centre midfield or holding player he could do it all with the minimum of fuss. He filled space on the park when other teams were breaking and denied opportunities. He was tenacious.
    There never seemed to be any fuss about him. These are the type of guys I loved to play along side. He had an inner strength which other players feed off.
    It is an unfortunate fact that our club is trapped in an unhealthy environment where it simply cannot flourish. This is the reason why players we unearth leave after two or three seasons.

    Nothing lasts forever. Good luck Joe.

    Having said that I think we have found another gem in the Norwegian lad who looks like Kayal did in his first season. He has a good engine and as strong as a bull.

    1. This is all I was saying, he was a decent player. I gave Johanson man of the match Yesterday, he got a hold of the midfield well. And on his first start with players he is still getting to know. Will take him a few weeks to really get the way we play. And I forgot about Kayal 😀 lol

  2. Hooper left and probably foster to to chase England caps..ledley is an established welsh internationalist with Celtic so it’s either the attraction of a better league or more money..I hope it’s the challenge the EPL offers!

    1. Better league for 6 months. I see what you are saying but an almighty gamble from Joe..
      He could be stuck in the Championship for the rest of his playing days..
      And yeah, I agree with what you say.. #HH

  3. Utter guff Johanson showed pace effort willingnes and Celtic played 4 2 4 today. Ledley i would.rather have kept but he decided to leave . Good player lacked quality in a number .

  4. I heard from a good source , celtic offered super joe £10,000 a week less than he was on , a new contract with £10,000 a week less who in there rite mind would take that , no matter how much you loved it , wouldnt surprise me with the bisciut tin mentality

  5. Could not agree more, unfortunately that is where we are. We have Sky TV to blame for starving Scottish football and presenting all the riches down South. As a support we need to understand that, even the championship clubs in England can afford to pay more than we can. Does it make them better Hell no. HH keep the faith

    1. Yeah the lure of money did it no doubt. Strange thing I actually totally forgot about Kayal so we have 4 good solid centre midfielders, Brown, Biton, Kayal and the impressive Johanson and also Mulgrew can play there. So not as bleak as first thought.

      Cheers Davie #HH

  6. Hi Shaun

    Everybody in every club has favourites. It is quite obvious Joe was one of yours. On what side you are on in these instances depends how you will view the value of a player to his club, his teammates and to the supporters. Again, you obviously seen him as providing quite an exceptional contribution all round. Personally, I thought Joe was little more than a hard working and generally effective journeyman player. To me he could not be classed as outstanding though he provided the little bit of skill that our midfield was crying out for when the pure grittiness of Brown and Kayal were the only other real options. As for his contribution in the dressing room, I have no proof one way or the other though there is no question he appeared to be popular with the other players. Not that I would go by their testaments, by the way, as no one can ever be sure that the words of insiders are totally reliable. In the final analysis, I felt he was a player that could quite readily be replaced though I was hoping not. This was not because I thought he was anywhere near irreplaceable but because I crave for some continuity in our teams. However, and here I have no proof again but my gut instinct is “smokin”, it appears his transfer was reminiscent of Stein’s day when you either took what was offered or left it and negotiation was little more than the green light of departure – and quickly. On the other hand, Joe could have been smitten by the insidious lure of the money machine in England. It is the modern wagon train of fools gold that entices the innocent and ignorant to a world of, in most cases, unfulfilled ambition as your examples and others have born out. But a considerable increase in earnings on a regular basis is hard for any of us to refuse. At the end of the day, no matter how committed to the job and how much one is exceptionally happy in it, it is almost inhuman these days to overlook the offer of greater riches. This is especially true in football where a player must look to what can easily be an uncertain future and take steps to secure a comfortable life for his wife and family.

    I agree that we will probably all miss Joe, for a week or two anyway. But we may have a better prospect to hand and that, as has been not uncommon in the past – who actually thinks that much how Gary Hooper or Victor are doing these days? – could wipe away our crocodile tears very quickly.

    H H

    PS Another thank you for your commentary and post match report. Very committed work, my friend.


    1. Yeah I liked Ledley Arthur, he made the midfield tick at times and was starting to score goals. It is guesswork really to judge how the dressing room feel, but football is football and I know when a good popular player leaves it gets everyone down for a while and I felt Sunday perhaps there were signs of this. Like you say it would be good to have continuity in our team but it seems Lenny will have to build a team ever 3 years by the looks of it.

      Thanks for your comment mate. And I am hoping to do a little more than write about games.


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