Nervy Celtic inch past Saints as Forster claims history

92 Year record beaten by Forster today, 11 clean sheets in a row
92 Year record beaten by Forster today, 11 clean sheets in a row


Let’s not pretend this was a good game because it was awful but we won 1-0 and got the clean sheet we wanted. Forster gets the plaudits today but we must praise the men in front of him, Izzy, Van Dijk, Ambrose, Matthews, Lustig and Fisher, and the entire team for helping the big man break a 92 year record today, well deserved and for all his doubters, maybe they will eat their words, maybe not, but he beat the great Charlie Shaw´s long-standing record

Celtic scored on the 5th minute, Commons again, here is the goal

Apart from that Celtic had spells of possession and did well in part but if I am going to be honest and I am we were pretty poor today. We had no imagination today the crossing was poor and when a decent cross or pass into the box was made there was nobody there. It was hard to commentate on but in the end we got what we wanted and that was another win, clean sheet and 3 points

Johansen got a start today and did well, in possession he managed to find a player most of the time and also broke up play at the other end. It will take time for him and Brown to know each other and I also feel a bit sorry for Biton, he is a decent player and must be gutted. Again no Pukki and no Samaras today instead Lennon brought on Balde and he came close with a long shot.

Celtic peppered the goal all afternoon but just lacked that killer touch, Stokes could have had a few, Commons is our best player right now but needs to stop shooting from 40 yards and Lennon will still be VERY angry with Stokes. With 10 minutes to go Stokes broke with the ball with Boerrigter for company, he got to Kello and needed to just roll it to his left 6 feet and a tap in and goal for Boerrigter but was greedy and shot over, Lennon was not a happy man. If St Mirren had got a goal, that miss would have haunted Commons.

Commons again gets the 1st goal and only goal in a hard game

Also for me we missed something today but I will blog about that later, I think we lost something more than we realise today. But again well done Forster, these runs are not easy and it’s not easy to go 24 league games unbeaten so Lenny and the players need the utmost respect for this run.

A game we will forget in a hurry when we lift the league at the end of the season. Also Leigh Griffiths came out at half time to talk to the crowd and got a decent response. See you all next week when we are at home to Aberdeen in the Scottish Cup, this will be a hard game.

Lets hope he can get in areas where we are not just now
Lets hope he can get in areas where we are not just now

TCNBlog reporter man of the match: New bhoy: Johansen, very assured! 


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