All For One ? No More Abuse

All For One ? No More Abuse

Right I’ll start off by saying that I have a serious problem with Neil Lennon’s ‘Heart sank’ comment about the GB display, so that’s that out the road.

However, the reported abuse he had to face from a section of Aberdeen supporters can only be met by one clear response. An attack on ONE is an attack on all. We all know this country is littered with sectarian and racist bigots so it’s time to stand up and be counted.

The tired trusted scottish media claim of ‘he attracts’ or ‘he brings it on himself’ can not be tolerated any more. It should be challenged at every turn. This is a smoke screen for anti Irish, anti Catholic and anti Celtic bigotry.

I look forward to a full public apology from Aberdeen FC. If there is such a thing as the Celtic Family then it’s high time it acted like a family. You protect the family members and take absolutely no shit from anyone outside it.

Hail, Hail


5 thoughts on “All For One ? No More Abuse

  1. What chance do we have of nailing this on the head when most just was to sweep it aside. Scotsman rag doesn’t mention the assault a few years back at Tynecastle just that ” In May 2011, a Hearts fan ran on to the Tynecastle pitch and shouted and swore at Lennon. The fan was later found guilty of a breach of the peace”

  2. Your first paragraph has no relevance to the attack on Neil Lennon.What was the context of the comment of (my heart sank) could the context be that he knew what kind of reaction that banner would get in a biased media and anti IRISH city

  3. Wullie

    “An attack on ONE is an attack on all.”

    I was going to write something on this myself. Now I am not totally committed to everything Neil Lennon does but this abuse along with all the rest is on a different plain. There have been a multitude, some might say excessive amount, of internal upheavals that have without doubt led to division among supporters and a fracture of club/fan relations. But when one of us, and above all our manager, is threatened and abused, when the powers that be do little or nothing about it and the media wallows in its silent approval, then there is nothing so divisive in our club at any level that should prevent a united front in condemning, opposing and acting against such behaviour. This is not the general slagging of managers by fans, though i have no doubt there will be many who would wish to make it so. This is most certainly not someone bringing trouble upon himself as many would want to use as an excuse e.g. why was he there? Why in that position in the stand? In other words he should not be allowed normal freedom of movement. Is that it? No, this is much deeper rooted. This is racism, sectarianism and anti-Irishism cloaked in the insidious guise of “taunting”. I wonder what price the media and the authorities will put on the intimidation and destruction of a person – the same cost as 20 or so seats perhaps?

    Finally, it is imperative that the club take strong steps to have this latest personal attack on our manager investigated and demand the strongest action against those involved. To fail to do so would be a betrayal of a man who has already sacrificed more than he ought simply because of his nationality, his religion and his job.

    H H


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