Green Brigade Food Collection Success

Green Brigade Food Collection Success


The Green Brigade would like to thank the Celtic support for the incredible collective generosity which was exhibited on the day of our food bank collection in December of 2013 at Celtic Park. It was both humbling and inspiring to witness the shopping bags pile up outside the stadium as men, women and children kindly donated what they could to help those in need at Christmas time as they made their way to the match. The response was entirely fitting of the club’s founding ethos and an almost unbelievable 5,746.75kg, ie 5.75 tonnes, of food was collected and distributed to the impoverished people of Glasgow’s East end and beyond. We were also given a total of £465.45 to pass on to the Glasgow North East Food Bank.

‘’I would like to thank the supporters of Celtic FC for their generosity and thoughtfulness; their response was overwhelming’’. Beth Aitken, Acting Project Manager of Glasgow North East Food Bank.

An event like this encapsulates what Celtic means to so many of us. In a time of austerity and social apathy, with a dangerously callous Conservative government at the helm and the mainstream media seemingly intent on demonising the working class at every turn, the Celtic support has once more demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to charitable aims and to helping the local community. We thank you all for your kindness and hope that we can count on your continued support for any future charitable projects that the group seeks to organise.

On behalf of TCN I’d like to state that the above proves that the Green Brigade are a force for good. The PLC must look at reinstating the group to their area. What the group has shown here is what Celtic are all about. Unfortunately for all their good work they have been shabbily treated by the PLC for daring to have a political opinion.



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  1. Well done for all u’r hard work it’s not easy & not everybodythat get’s invovled in these hard times so Well done once more keep up the good hard work & Keep the Faith you will be back at CELTIC PARK & bring all the rasamatass back with the camunity sing along where the hole stadiam as 1 joins in tobe 1Big Happy CELTIC FAMILY AGAIN wee need to stop this inhose fighting at once as thier is more out thier enough in this country hating the Famouse CELTIC SO WEE too get the hole stadiam & all fans macking 1 sound noise that is defning .HH KTF GODBLESS ALL

  2. Once again, G.B., you have baffled everyone with your outstanding work. You can be such a force for good, it is hard to find fault with anything that you do. So, my first thought is to congratulate you and express my thanks for being such an incomparable example of the historic Celtic ethos among the current Celtic support.

    But if an old man can say so, you are the enigma above all enigmas in world football. Why can your efforts in the ground not be confined to taking the lead in rousing our support and perhaps sometimes the board from their apathy and indifference rather than be a distracting megaphone for party political gripes? It is not that I in any way disagree with a lot of them but why not keep them for other occasions and other places? Then you would have to be recognised as the vanguard of a fans’ revival and of restoring unity even among the most fashion conscious bowler hats and ravenous prawn sandwich eaters. Your rightful place would be as leaders at the heart of our support. Your strength is in your social care work and tour intense love of Celtic, not in your political words or slogans. And we desperately need you. You are our thunder. You are Neil Lennon’s thunder. But often your blasts shatter the very affection we have for you and instead of being a focus for unity you provide depressing antagonists with an armory to use against you. While showing the rest of us the highest standards of how to support, you have managed to also instigate the demolition of our unity. Celtic F.C. has historically been committed to social ideologies that may have aligned it closer to one party that once supported the poor and the working class, as distinct from another. But, it was the club’s obligation to social justice that took it there and not the other way round. Many of our founding fathers may have been deeply immersed in all kinds of political ideologies but it was not their dedication to politics that inspired them to found Celtic Football Club but their determination to establish social justice. Should that not be at the heart of your thunder too?

    Please accept this comment as a fatherly chide and not the anger of an old whinger. You are a magnificent asset to our club when you use the skills and intelligence that oozes in abundance from your group and you have been taken advantage of and ill rewarded. But you are an unruly offspring when you allow your impetuousness to take control though I feel your punishment has been unjustifiably harsh. Perhaps it is time to adopt more controlled and mature tactics. Subtlety is an art that takes more than a lifetime to learn but, if you wish to succeed, it is a skill you must endeavour to use effectively at every opportunity. A bull in a china-shop wrecks everything even what it wants for itself. A mouse on the other hand, quietly and unobtrusively generally obtains everything it aims for. That does not imply there are no china-shops that need wrecked, of course.

    Keep up your terrific work. You are appreciated even while you are condemned and harassed.

    H H


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