Roll of Honour release statement by FAC

Roll of Honour release statement

Published on Sunday 9th February, 2014 by Celtic Trust

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Expose the hypocrites – download Roll of Honour!

Fans Against Criminalisation have by now officially launched our single ‘’Roll of Honour’’ in association with The Irish Brigade.

FAC have done so to highlight the absurdity that is the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communication (Scotland) Act and the manner in which it has criminalised the Celtic support. One fan has already been found ‘guilty’ of contravening this act for singing this very song, whilst another fan is currently being held on remand for allegedly committing the same offence. There is also a backlog of Celtic fans awaiting trial for the same reason.

FAC contend that it is a damning indictment of the Scottish political and judicial system that legitimate expression of political opinion and cultural heritage within the context of a football match is now enough to result in a criminal conviction.

We urge the Celtic support to download this song to embarrass those who seek to criminalise us, to demonstrate that we stand by those who are being arrested at their homes and dragged through the courts and that we will not tolerate the continual harassment of our fellow fans at the hands of Police Scotland. The support for this campaign has already been overwhelming and we would like to thank all involved for their efforts so far. For those based in the UK, we have one week to attempt to push this single into the UK Official Top 40 Singles Chart. For those based elsewhere, FAC still urges people to aid this campaign by downloading this single which will help create a greater awareness of this issue whilst contributing to the FAC Legal Defence Fund.

We all have a part to play. Download the song here –

3 thoughts on “Roll of Honour release statement by FAC

    1. Really ?? So you don’t care about your fellow fans being dragged out of bed by the Police for singing a song ? You don’t care about it happening to other football teams supporters either ?
      You don’t care that this Act which we were told was needed to fight sectarianism doesn’t even have the word included in it. And you don’t care that it only applies to football supporters ??

      If that’s the case you must be really blinkered and think that Sectarianism in Scotland is not a societal problem, just a football one.

      Well good for you

    2. Only thing that’s embarrassing is your spelling and your attitude Fraser. Try and see the bigger picture for god saik.

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