The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Past meets Present
Past meets Present

Being a Celtic fan for me has seen up’s and down’s, high’s and low’s  and tears for the right and wrong reasons. It’s been a rollercoaster so far and that won’t change. Look at Man United, it happens to the best sometimes when things are just not clicking.

I just sat and watched a ton of video’s from the Martin O’Neill era and the Amazing Larsson and tears were there, for my existence as a Celtic fan is 30 years in our 126 as a club. Many are lucky enough to have been in Lisbon the day these 11 Scotsmen made this club what it is today and made us a true super power in World football, there is no denying this as a club our size in the top 40 in the World and should be higher, sadly the financial climate here is not as straight forward as many think

We all see £20 Million coming through the door and think we can go spend £10 Million on a player, to get a £10 Million pound player costs more with wages and add ons that the initial £20 Million. We need to be realistic even though it pains us. As I said I sat there as many of us do and watched the UEFA Cup final, games against Rangers and I will say it out loud, I think them not being in this league is harming us. I don’t hate for the sake of hating but I know the cheated and got away with it. I remember my last blog when I was on Twitter as myself and I said “They won, they will be back in the top league in no time, live with it” Then I left a story that bored me.

But we did have fun at the ugle
But we did have fun at the ugle

People still hate and talk about it, for me I want to see them back so we can go to Ibrox and beat them again, I want a league where we know we need to beat them to be the best. Does Lennon want to be the Celtic manager who won 5 league titles with no Rangers? I don’t think so. Also players leaving, would Hooper, Wanyama, Ledley stayed? We can only guess. We can deny it all day but the main reason many came to our shores was to play in that game, now it’s gone for 18 months still and I can’t wait to get them back in, we might like the game up here and we might keep players who see this as a small league. We WILL lose Forster and we will make a tidy profit and like you and everyone else I want that money reinvested in the playing squad but I also want the club to be careful for the future

images (1)
Moments created, many behind and many more to come

We see a museum being built and money being put into youth, the club are in a fantastic place financially and now is the time to broader our field of play away from the park because we all know THEY will be back. Getting beat from Aberdeen at the weekend hurt but I remember after the UEFA cup final and the league and cup winning nothing, I wanted the World to open up and swallow me

But then we had a season in the Champions League, beat Barcelona, we had our last season with THEM in the league and how much fun was it? ♫ Pass the coffin when Rangers Die ♫ and people were spot on when a scared media were not. I look back at all that as History and look to the future.

Green Brigade will be missed inside the stadium, no argument here
Green Brigade will be missed inside the stadium, no argument here

Get them back in this league and enjoy hammering them again, they will NEVER be the force they once were, while we are on the up, the more seasons in the Champions League allow us to raise the wages and buy better players. A time will come where Automatic Champions League will be assured, when that time comes then we can spend. But now? Why spend now, wait till the Summer and see who we can get in. We don’t know who we will play and if we don’t get in at least we know one more season till THEY arrive back, the cheating filth they are and ALWAYS will be.

A higher ground has been achieved by us forever. Take it and enjoy it and ram it down their throats when we play them. Not off the park, on the park. We still have a good squad and it will get better. Patience is a good thing but us football people want it today

"This is not the end, it's only the beginning"
“This is not the end, it’s only the beginning”

“Faithfull through and through”

Today, right now is where we MUST all sing from the same page, or we lose



We are in the here and now, we must look forward, together not forgetting what got us here
We are in the here and now, we must look forward together, not forgetting what brought us here

13 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  1. What a Load of rubbish,for you to say that we need them is
    ridiculous,to ignore all the wrong they have done not just to us but to other clubs and small business would make us as bad as them.and for what so we can listen to all there bile and lies again because I can assure you of one thing they’ve not changed probably got worse if no thanks to sevco coming back anytime soon.HH

    1. I hear you, everything you said I blogged for 2 years *Some of it here*
      I was even on the Radio every other week arguing with wee Shuggy

      Can’t disagree with anything you say really.
      But the facts are what we live with, they got away with it.
      They will be back in the top league.
      We can debate back and forward for a month, nothing changes this.

      So rather sitting punching my Dog because of it, I turned the coin over and decided I wanted to beat them GOOD on the park. What other options do we have? Remain angry forever. We all know what happened here and TRUST ME, I gave a year to this story. I still have emails from Craig Whyte/White trying to get money while they were in Administration. Totally illegal. I offered them to the press “Sorry not interested” PROOF he was at it. Proof that Murry, while still in charge knew Charles Green.
      I blogged it while I was in the story.

      Trust me mate nobody was as angry as me not so long ago.
      We do need them. Saturday, Scottish Cup against 2nd in the league, top tier CLOSED.
      Next season the Mini’s go as well. People complain it’s a shit league then others (Probably the same people) moan when there is no competition, then we get beat by Aberdeen and “Sack the board”

      We WILL listen to their bile.
      We WILL have to take it.
      We Will beat them on the park.
      You say “No thanks to Sevco”
      Sadly there is NOTHING we can do.
      So lets put them in their place…

      Lenny want’s to own them. TRUST ME!

      Cheers for the comments mate..And I totally got where you are coming from mate.
      Saturday showed there are problems..And it isn’t a few hundred Green Brigade missing (I wish they were still there before anyone says otherwise)
      Season is over, people are losing interest.
      No Champions League next season would be the most boring season EVER
      Want that? You would want that just to spite them?
      Focus on us buddy, nothing else we can do. And they are NOT dying again.,

    2. look at the attendances,that tells you everything you need to know cranhillbhoy,season ticket sales are way down,you can guarantee when the zombies come back up all the gloryhunters will be queing up again,which is scandalous in my opinion but the truth is our club does need they scumbags

      1. Sadly we do. Look on the bright side (And I know it’s hard) but in 18 Months or so how good would it be to have Champions League football and with luck we will get in the next season also. Sell Forster for silly Money. Remember Craig Gordon went to Sunderland for £9M a while back. The money we could get for Forster could be unreal and we pain £2M aye?

        I think if we get into the CL next season, and the next again when THEY are back in town (TOTALLY SKINT REMEMBER) We will have 6 games of MASSIVE importance spread out over the season. I still want us to go unbeaten but to be fair that is ALL we have left to play for. So in 18 Months we have the full on’s and the Diets back at the table.

        Excitement gets people to games. Jock Stein even said it. Give it 3-4 Years the good times will be back

        But, we will have this over them for ever, maybe longer. We can mock them in Song and with goals 😀 I would rather they were dead to be fair, but they are not. So lets just enjoy being the best

        Glasgow will indeed be Green and White.

        We need the league better. This is dire to watch, and if it carries on we won’t attract players. Lenny is struggling now to get players in and we have money and if all goes to plan we will have more when the stench come back. We all know Lenny tried with a few players. With them in the league players as we all know want to play in that game.


        1. Cheers John, common sense.
          We are all pi$$ed off at what happened..
          But it’s done…We mock now/again/still/more

  2. Well written piece by Shaun HOWEVER, I’m still not quite ready to forgive and forget. There are criteria which need to be met fully before I extend a sporting hand to the ‘Peepel’. The following are examples of some of the steps which would have to be taken. It should be noted that this preliminary list is by no means exhaustive and would be added to as the process of rehabilitation enfolds.

    1. Admission by the ‘Peepel’ that Club 12 and Rangers are two separate entities and that the the latter no longer exists.

    2. That the five titles won by the aforementioned Rangers, during the period when they were caught cheating vis a vis side letters and not registering players as per the rules drafted by the SFA, be stripped from the Rangers history of achievements and awarded to the Club who were runners up in these corresponding years.

    3. A public statement (jointly delivered by the CEO of the team calling themselves Rangers or The Rangers, it’s current manager, and the person holding the manager’s post previously) that this club prior to it’s extinction managed to win in TOTAL only 49 Scottish League titles and that any future reference to the club which was called Rangers is done with no inference that it is in any way linked to the club currently operating in the third tier of Scottish football previously known as Club12 but now calling itself Rangers.

    4. In recognition of point 3 above that the 5 Fake Stars that currently and fraudulently adorn the Football kit of Club 12 be removed and a written apology from the Board of Club 12, endorsed by the current and previous manager’s, be sent to every team who have in the past managed to win the European Cup/Champions League and thus who could legitimately have Star/Stars on their Football kit.

    5. That the Board of Club 12 insist through their contacts in the Scottish Media that henceforth no mention is ever again made of the entity previously referred to as the ‘Old Firm’.

    6. That should the Board of Club 12 wish to have the current Ibrox team referred to in any derivative form of the name of the extinct club called Rangers that the ONLY allowable name be Rangers 2012. This would only be allowed with reference to point 7 below.

    7. As part of the ongoing Business Plan of Rangers 2012 full reparation, including interest at 7%, be made within two fiscal years to ALL 276 businesses who were owed monies by the extinct club called Rangers.

    8. As well as a public admission and apology for previous wrongdoings by Rangers particularly with regard to fraudulent (5 and counting) League Titles. That immediate steps be taken to pay the £250k fine and consequential legal costs imposed by their ‘Brother in the Judiciary’ Lord Nimmo Smith.

    9. That all monies defrauded from the Public Purse represented in part by the ‘Big Tax Case’ currently being pursued by HMRC be paid within a timescale decided by HMRC and that all Deeds of Title over the Land and Buildings of Ibrox Stadium, Murray Park and sundry other properties be signed over to HMRC and be held until full repayment of outstanding Taxes, VAT etc be completed.

    10. That Alistair McCoist be summoned by the appropriate football authorities in Scotland and made to apologise for his comments following the decisions to impose “sanctions” on the team called Rangers and for his most recent comments re the awarding of the Scottish Cup Final to Celtic Park.

    Following full acceptance of the foregoing by the ‘Peepel’ we can take steps to move on to phase two of their rehabilitation and possible subsequent integration into the world of true sporting behaviour.

    In the meantime I am assured by Celtic FC CEO Mr Peter Lawwell that after securing their 50th League Title win this season that the Club has no plans to add any further stars to the teams football kit other than that for winning the ‘Big Cup’.

    1. I can’t forgive and forget, I would doubt many can. But we need to live in the real world Robert.
      You made 10 points, and I agree with every one, some will, some wont. Opinions are good…
      Let me go over them..

      1. No chance this will happen. They will never accept. Still got 5 stars!
      2. Been there, we all have, ain’t going to happen mate
      3. More chance I will rejoin Twitter as “Shaun” for Celtic reasons.
      4. No chance buddy
      5. The media got warned and scared away 1s time, isn’t going to happen 🙁
      6. As legally they are NOT the same team, impossible
      7. As Above
      8. Would have been done already
      9. I agree, who wouldn’t, but they are a new entity ALLOWED to live
      10. Fat Chance (excuse the pun)

      Mate I wasn’t having fun with your questions/wanting’s, I was just being realistic. You know yourself if any of that is going to happen, or might it would have been done when Green changed Sevco’s name. Rangers changed board members ON PURPOSE so many times that now nobody in the broken stadium could answer a question re: DeadCo. They played a clever game and were allowed to by a willing SFA/SPL who knew their death would be the downfall of the game up here. There was no chance they were allowed to die. The DAY BEFORE! The fixture list for their new league had this. It was a cup game, day before, that night the SFA caved in and THEY kept history.

      Remember this? I have about 20 gig of this stuff on an old hard drive..
      This is how unsure the league was. Last minute give in by the SFA,

      Good in-depth reply mate..

  3. Shaun

    I have deliberately waited nearly a week so that my reaction to last Saturday is not knee jerk as is so often the case in our modern world. However, I can not agree with you that we NEED any team just as the Aberdeens, Dundee Uniteds etc. do not NEED us. Perhaps there would be a period of pain and financial upheaval in the Scottish game but eventually football would survive and find a level at which to operate suitable to teams without the Big One or the Original Two. The Aberdeen result showed one clear thing that football survives on competition and the opportunity for success. Without the dominance of one or even two teams, the rest will flourish. Can I ask who were singing loudest on Saturday, Aberdeen or Celtic fans? Can I ask if attendances outside of Parkhead have increased or decreased? The dominance of any one club is actually detrimental to the game as a whole as can be seen in the EPL in recent years. This season there has been a distinct reawakening among English supporters as they find themselves in the now unusual situation where four or five clubs still have the potential to win the league. To have two teams reducing competition to that between each of them merely doubles the destructive elements. So to wish for an extinct original to be replaced by a clone in the name of competition is, for me, absolutely retrospective. If none of the provincial teams can provide the competitiveness required by Celtic – and I ask what indications are there that they are not given the results so far after just two seasons without the dead so called Big One? – then the solution lies in a more competitive league not in the resurrection of a vile, bigoted, hate filled rivalry that does nothing but drag Scottish football to an unacceptable depth. So, we need them? No way.

    As for them , themselves, one might be able to forgive, even though the underhand methodology was continued through the so called reincarnation protocol and continues to this day, if there was the slightest semblance of remorse, the slightest effort to change or the slightest sign of embarrassment. But there simply is not. We are still witnessing in their attitude, in the running of the club, in their demands and in their treatment by Scottish football authorities the same domineering supremacy and self righteousness of the pre-2012 club. In spite of all that has been said and done, all the opportunities to start afresh, they have not actually changed one iota at the core. Do we really want those to be the standards of competition again? Do we want in ten or fifteen years to be bemoaning the same abuse of and disdain for our game? I do not, not ever again. I would rather Celtic and Scottish football became purely for fun than return to the days when insidiousness and dishonesty is simply ignored by the governing bodies for convenience. Do we really want to bury the principles of justice, integrity and equality for the sake of a few shekels and the illusion of the best derby in the world. Such games were dead and worthless without the caldrons of hatred at Parkhead and Ibrox. Not for me. I will gladly watch Come Dancing instead.

    Finally, can anyone prove to me that one other team alone, no matter who they call themselves, competing against Celtic would be sufficient for us to reach the level required to compete on a bigger stage like Europe? It did not work before so I see no reason why it should again. Remember, the Lisbon Lions succeeded when Rangers (the originals) were far from competitive. Some of the best years in Scottish football were in the late 70s and the 80s when Rangers were well in the shadows as were Celtic for long periods too. And to finish, what is this competitiveness that the clone would provide, this incomparable challenge that will take Celtic to the stars? Are you seriously telling me it will be provided by an almost bankrupt club more akin to Age Concern than football, led by incompetents and playing in a demolition zone? Shaun, I admire you a lot. I really do recognise your tolerance and your desire for understanding. I have long admired the many opinions you courageously express. But on this one, my friend, we are worlds apart.

    H H

    1. Arthur sorry for the late reply buddy.
      I think in any blog opinions will vary for personal reasons be them logical or not, after all this is why we all love the game, everyone has an opinion, some agree, some don’t as I said below. Ask 100 people the same question (Not a vote) and you will likely get 100 differing answers and that is why I love to write full stop, never mind football. Try writing politics 😀 Man people are so dumb, but anyway..

      I disagree my friend, and likewise I respect you more than I think you know Arthur, you know what you are talking about, you know the reason why you say it and you have time in this game not many of us have had so your thinking in the game is more than most, I noticed this.

      But look at the game now as a whole, forget this blog for a second, is it not fair to say it’s moved on much more than say 25 years ago. Now it’s a money making scheme where people invest in shares at clubs like Celtic looking to get a % back. Are we stupid enough (We as in the support) to think that there are not people on the board and in the fan base not wanting a return? Course not, we know this is the game now. Being as we are this is the way it is. Many forget a % of money made goes to shareholders, don’t ask me how much but we lose money this way. This was the way wee Fergus set us up. Many complain but I would rather we did our dealings this way than the “Club Owner” way. People don’t want to own clubs in Scotland, there is no REAL limelights to be had and no money either. Look at the EPL, How many clubs are under the hand of one man? Half? This is why we see Managers getting sacked all the time as one man has to decide and usually it’s an investor and he does not see a support who love the club or a manager who is passionate about winning, he see’s MONEY. This is where the game has changed.

      This blog was done on this basis. As a club we managed to take £100 off the price of an adult season book. We did this because we are in sound financial health but it could be better. We as a club bring in most of the money to the league because we are the ONLY show in town, if we left for say the EPL I really think TV Contracts would end that day.

      The way it is right now in my opinion is we need them back in the league. Not because I like them but for financial reasons. Excitement brings money in football and without them money is taken from the club. We manage just now ONLY because we are in the champions league and selling players for brilliant sell on fee’s. Bring Blue/co back into the picture and the league is reinvented. TV companies and sponsors come flooding back and the status quo returns

      My only reason for this blog is I am bored with how things are, I want them back in the top league, again not because I like them but because I want to beat them on the park. HEAVILY! This is our tool now, we have this over them for life and longer.

      Can I prove one team makes a difference? Yeah I can try with this picture of the last game against Aberdeen. Forget the score and look, THIS will be a long term problem for us.

      Top tier closed in the Scottish Cup against 2nd in the league. This is what will keep happening and it will get worse. Can I prove it? No I can’t but an educated guess on crowds over the last 2 seasons are showing a decline in fans coming to games. I looked at that picture and realised “This is why we will always struggle to keep a hold of big players just now”

      We need them back, not for them but for us.
      A Sorry, shit, fact..

      Good reply Arthur, always love to read your thoughts..


      1. No problems, Shaun. But I guess on this one we will have to agree to disagree as the old cop- out saying goes. Only time will prove who is right or wrong and you may be on your own for that result 🙁 I will still be giving it the big five with my wings though when I win 🙂

        Take care pal

        H H


        1. I don’t think it matters who is right or wrong Arthur mate. And I think you will be around to witness my thinking 😉
          Debate is debate and the main reason I do this. I love to debate.
          Some people can debate, some can’t, you can.


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