Feeding hatred with hatred makes us just as hateful

It’s true, I read it on Goggle

Let’s get a few FACTS in order quickly. (Order is just a word, chill)

1. Rangers cheated

2. A willing and scared media helped them

3. The SFA needed them in the leagues, money reasons

4. Rangers will never be a big club spending big money ever again

5. Celtic will dominate Scottish football for the next 20 years

6. Celtic as a club are very healthy and wealthy

7. Rangers as a club are poor financially, not 2 bob to rub together

8. People will disagree with me here, well I hope so or it’s pointless writing

9. Murray was talking to Green whilst in Charge still

10. These are actually not all facts, most are, some are just things I read and this “Rangers”? died, they are gone, forever, dead. done, lets move on!

I spent the best part of a year on Twitter blogging  against Rangers and hating them and trying my best to get them to a bad place. I had just been told I had to stop my life because of disability, yeah it was crap, so for some reason not known to me I ended up on Twitter taking my anger out on Rangers for cheating. Being heavily medicated made it a whole lot easier to not care.

A book, cracker in-fact

Then I started feeling better, coming of medication and decided I was bored talking about them, so I set about with my own personal blog where I blog about most things in the World, news stories, corporate greed, politics and all that boring crap and I have been doing so, again for a year.

Fast forward 2 years, or around 2 years and I come back to twitter with 2 accounts, one for my own personal blog the other to do a very easy small job to help Wullie here in TCN and I do enjoy writing these days. When you are stuck in pain you get to know pain and for some reason the pain takes you away from anger after a while, it takes your mind to a place that is good. The hatred goes and you want to talk about things you love and like and care about, if you live in pain you will understand

I hear many Celtic fans say this here “Rangers people bring their kids up to hate” And in some cases they do, we have all seen it. But could it be true Celtic fans do the same? Of course they do, I know a few, who doesn’t, Dads who say jokingly “They are “Whatever” Pick a word or phrase it doesn’t matter

The reason I wanted to blog this was I am 2 years and a bit into my 24/7 agony life now and I came back to twitter with this account @TCNLiveblog I don’t interact for many reasons, sadly one reason is hatred. I see hatred between Celtic and Rangers fans and it disgusts me. They are worse, no argument there. But we are not squeaky clean ourselves, I could post pictures but if I do what am I doing? I am dragging myself into hatred. I could post pictures about when they cheated, again I would be dragging myself into hatred. Far too many Celtic fans do hate. I say “Whatever floats your boat” And I say this because I know the majority just want to support the team, have a good time, and many DO want Rangers back in the league. I blogged it a few weeks ago here in this very site http://thecelticnetwork.com/2014/02/12/good-bad-ugly/


That blog is very easy to understand. I have spent the last few weeks with the TCN account open just reading things and seeing hatred from Celtic fans. We all know hate is to be hate, well in-fact we don’t all know, it’s obvious to see. Many Celtic fans live in hate over Rangers, 24/7 hate, many wanted to stop blogging when certain sites wanted to stop blogging about a total irrelevance to me as a Celtic fan (Don’t you love irony?) I love my team and the last few seasons were brilliant.  The Death of Rangers I had fun in, trust me I did, in-fact I would go as far as to say I was OBSESSED more about Rangers than I was my own team and today, sadly, I see many the same. It is very easy to hate but it takes true effort to try and show humility and humanity. This is what I do now and I do it because when I was blogging hate many would speak to me and say things like “Don’t hate, you are better than that” and in the end the penny dropped and I walked away from HATE. I will never cure the hatred between both sets of fans and nobody blogging, phoning radio shows, hosting their own radio shows and calling the Queen can either.

IT MUST! He said so.

If we all stopped for a second (WHILST SOBER WOULD BE BETTER) and asked themselves “Do I hate” then maybe many more would stop HATE. Like I said above Rangers or whatever you want to call them are a TOTAL irrelevance to me, I love to beat them on the park not talk about them like a child on some social media platform (Hmm Irony again!) We will never change the way they hate but we can change the way we hate. If we all said “They are irrelevant” and just let them be, would that not be more fun? Just to totally ignore their existence! Well think about it, many say “They died, they no longer are, they are dead, gone and into the history books” And they are, they died. So if  they did die why do we fuel their hatred with ours?

We have the upper ground here for eternity, that team in blue will NEVER be a part of “Old Firm” in my eyes, they never were. If we moan and get all stupid at a willing media needing to sell newspapers then again we are feeding hatred and many still pay to read this hatred by buying certain news papers and when a person tells another not to say, I will give an example “Don’t listen to James Arthur because he is a WHATEVER” we cross the line to lunacy and childlike behavior

Time to focus on us, leave them be, they are dead anyway and I can feel our club are on the verge of something very special

Support Celtic, they are the only historical team with any clout still playing in Glasgow after all and we have the best fans in the World do we not? do we?

A paper. and not a very good one

Many will throw hate at me here but I have been writing columns all over the world for a year now for various on-line news outlets so it will fly over my head, many may agree, I have no idea. I am talking from a point of view of being a VERY ILL MAN with hatred in my heart, depressed, suicidal who managed to live, survive to fight another day and I did so with the help of some of the most forgiving people I have ever met, Celtic fans. As a fan base we care, we do, Wullie who owns this site gives me total control over live match commentary and also match reports and now to blog what I want to, within reason. I have to thank him and ALL YOU for being a friend and to others who realized I was a VERY ILL PERSON, so here I am, a brand new Shaun willing to know you all again. I have never felt this free for many years, I can’t do hate. I have 2 Daughters who are already Celtic daft and for them also I need to drop the hate so I don’t talk about that team that died. Let them rest in peace or rot in hell, make your choice and let’s get behind our club 100% and don’t buy into political, sectarian crap from them, the media or from Hollyrood. We stand as one, alone and I know this because as I said when I was in a dark cloud YOU helped me out of it to become a published columnist with a quarter of a million hits on my personal blog and more on the media I write for about how awful our world can be. But we are in charge, we control our destiny, our future and we can do so by never forgetting what brought us here and who brought us here to this point in the clubs history. Many did a lot for this club, some more than others. We pay homage to them in a way to not hate. Because if we keep hating we become hate. The replies here will either back my theory or not. I am sober, medication free and on the ball. I love doing live match commentary and match reports as it keeps me writing. I am not anything special and never will be, but what I can say is, with the help of many who may or may not read this, if it had not been for you helping me, chastising me, hating me, knowing me and just being involved in a process that woke me up to life in a good and bad way, I would not be doing what I am today. But all my personal life to one side, my year on Twitter writing about Rangers and their death brought me to a place I love to be now. So I MUST thank EVERY PERSON who spoke to me in a good or a bad way, it made me understand that if you write about a subject that causes heated debate you are putting your neck through the noose.295591_10151441463788820_990336753_n

But I ask one question before my fingers fall off, is this not always been the way? I think it has, but we change and mature. Some do, some don’t. Many in blue will never find the path to a good nights sleep and the ability to just not hate. Celtic fans are the BEST ON EARTH and I am more than happy to be a tiny part of that. We must be one, we must debate and not argue we must be focused and have each others back. We can’t forget history but we need to focus on the future and give the players on the park and our manager the support they need to win games of football, that is why we do this right?…………Right?




Shaun Gibson

1 thought on “Feeding hatred with hatred makes us just as hateful

  1. Wow, you are of course right. There are many reasons why I’ve hated the deceased. But it was probably very little to do with the football team that died. That team was merely a mascot for the hatred and oppression imposed on an immigrant Irish community. The people we should hate are the people who fanned that oppression and sent its loyal troops in to justify and police that oppression.
    I’m trying to get my head around this as I still really want to see the stake through the heart of the apparently undead. I suppose if I was one of the rich fellas in the early 1900’s and saw what was happening in Russia and France with working class movements. If I saw working class Glasgow start to object to poverty and start to organise against it, I might want a plan to stay in power.
    What a blinder sectarianism was. I remember campaigning for the Labour Party in the seventies to be told by a well known supporter, of the then alive club, that he didn’t know who to vote for because his lodge hadn’t told him yet. We even had a Tory MP in shipyards Glasgow.
    Trouble is that this isn’ past history. Does anyone really believe that sectarianism and support for the dead will not play perhaps a decisive part in the Independence referendum?
    Anyway with your permission I might still hate those people who have pulled our strings for a hundred years. I will try my hardest not to hate the puppets, you are right they are an irrelevance.

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