Fundraising Update


Fundraising Update

Just a update on our fundraising to keep the site going over the next year. So far people have kindly donated £100 and PMG Photography have taken advantage of our £100 per year front page Advertising (see left hand column).

I’d like to personally thank PMG and all our other supporters who have donated so far. I love doing TCN along with the input I get from members and our writers. It’s just unfortunate that I can no longer afford to subsidise the site due to lack of work. It’s very humbling to see Celtic fans and others rally round and help me meet the costs of running the site.

Thanks to the money already raised we have reached 40% of our target of £500. Hopefully over the next couple of weeks we can raise the remaining amount. Remember if you would like to advertise your business and expose it to 80,000 people per month just drop me an email at . £100 anually buys you the adspace that PMG have taken out £200 buys you a full width banner or ‘SKYSCRAPER’ ad for one year.

Once again thanks to everyone who has donated so far. If we reach our target I will promise to save money to buy 2 seats for KANO at Celtic park next season.


PS some sevconian slagged us off on twitter yesterday claiming this is what happens if you can’t get a pay day loan….. The irony was biting lol 🙂

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