Matheson Slams Offensive Behaviour Act

Matheson Slams Offensive Behaviour Act

I’m certainly not a fan of Gordon Matheson. There are issues around parades throughout Glasgow and his perceived closeness to the Orange Order that I have a major issue with. However as leader of Scotland’s largest local authority his letter to Roseanna Cunningham, must be supported.

In a letter published by The Herald today should be backed by all of us who have been fighting for an early review of this ill conceived and poorly worded Act.

In the letter Matheson wrote to Cunningham he said:

“My administration is committed to promoting the overwhelmingly positive side of football in Glasgow. I do not believe this vision is irreconcilable with the Scottish Government’s original intentions, before this legislation went badly wrong.

“Rather than ameliorate the issue of sectarianism, this Act has had the perverse effect of creating an air of mutual antagonism between the police and supporters. I strongly urge you to initiate an immediate review of this legislation.”

This intervention is probably too little, too late but the main thing is that it keeps the issue in the headlines. A government spokesman said of the letter:

“Why is he saying this now? And will it surprise anyone that the Labour leader of Glasgow opposes SNP Government legislation?”

This reply from an SNP spokesman should come as no surprise since this government has held football supporters and anyone who stands against this act with contempt. It’s all about politics for the SNP.

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2 thoughts on “Matheson Slams Offensive Behaviour Act

  1. its about time first the club and the council following the fans opposisition to this act and if there is ayes vote in september then there is no chance of the act being repealed

    1. I think the first new Scottish government will be Labour and they will repeal it. Unfortunately until then peoples lives will continue to be turned upside down 🙁

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