Hocus FoCUS – Dons Cop it !

Hocus FoCUS – Dons Cop it !

Well I think we have all seen some ridiculous repercussions of the Offensive Behavior at Football and Threatening Communications Act 2012 but the latest decision by Hocus FoCUS and senior Police takes the prize!

It has emerged that the original display planned by Aberdeen supporters below was knocked back by Police Scotland for……. wait for it………….. ‘they felt may have caused offence due its supposed IRA connotations’.

Aberdeen Display League Cup Final


Who in their right mind would have drawn such a comparison or any connotation with the IRA ?


Someone of dubious intentions at Police Scotland, and possibly some idiot sitting about waiting to find offence at anything.

There is no doubt that without the ill conceived Offensive Behavior at Football and Threatening Communications Act 2012 that this type of unadulterated loonacy could ever have existed.

A Police Scotland spokeswoman confirmed the first pre-match plan was rejected because it “may cause offence”.

She said: “During discussions between the police, club safety and SPFL representatives the match commander expressed a view that an emblem in the display proposed by Aberdeen fans may cause offence.

“This view was then relayed to the club by the SPFL and an alternative design was submitted and agreed to.”

from The Evening Express


I personally seen some rumours about this on social media yesterday but honestly thought it was bullshit. When I seen the report in the Evening Express I actually made some checks to see if it was a wind up. Alas it wasn’t.

I think most ‘RIGHT MINDED’ people must be sitting scratching their heads over this. Where is the link between Aberdeen Supporters and their club with the IRA ? There is absolutely no link whatsoever ! This is just another example of Hocus FoCUS and Police Scotland in general of using a ill conceived legislation to suit their own agenda.

The Offensive Behavior at Football and Threatening Communications Act 2012 has given officers of Police Scotland the right to be offended. This latest debacle only serves to highlight the point that this law has nothing to do with ending sectarianism in Scotland. It is also an absolute embarrassment to our country and society in general.

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