March madness – Am I going mad?

March madness – Am I going mad?

by mcallister-of-ongar-in-exile

With Spring in the air with the daffs beginning to bloom and the trees are blossoming we are beginning to see the start of the silly season.

It is at this time when many deluded and confused individuals awake from their winter hibernation to find that the world is a different place or maybe not.

For some time now we have witnessed the gas guzzling antics of the club formerly known as Rangers as it grinds its way through one of the most competitive leagues in, err Scotland, crushing all before them.

It’s been fun and their ‘brand of football’ continues to entertain the masses albeit a diminishing number of the masses.

Of course we know that they are close to another melt down however, you wouldn’t believe it if you read the ramblings of our media and the management.

It truly is reminiscent of the last days of the war when missives and broadcasts were coming out of the bunker from a very delusional man to an ever increasingly desperate people.

I’m not implying that Ibrox has a bunker or that anyone associated with that club is manipulating the current propaganda campaign – I swear that never entered my head. Can they afford a bunker?

Apparently according to the Metro, “Scottish Cup success would mean that they will have had a better season than Celtic.” The mind boggles at that one.

However one of the latest ‘step back in amazement news scoop’ that Manchester United outcast Federico Macheda is wanted by Celtic and Rangers does really smack of desperation. The Daily Ranker’s, Craig Swann should really be embarrassed at penning this drivel. It is just plain daft to allude to the fact that a 22 year old player with real talent but clearly flawed in some way [otherwise why has he spent a great deal of his career to date wandering the corridors of clubs in England and Europe?] would even entertain Sevco.

Ra peepil will of course lap it up and a good news story that implies they are still one of the elite clubs in Europe cant come at a better time. After all they do need to sell season tickets and then some.

It beggars belief that this is still happening. Do they really believe they have the money to survive?  Are we missing something here? We know how difficult it is balance the books at Celtic and that’s with greater income and a banking facility.

Ally’s Army is bleeding their club dry and the directors seem powerless to stop him. I urge you all to read the excellent post by Fields of Green on the “Many faces of Ally” it sums him and his rampant ego up perfectly.

The stadium that John Brown once played at is in disrepair and still their car park is full of top of the range cars – directors as well.

They have yet to play a full time club but they firmly believe they could beat anyone in Scotland. They still maintain that their home games are sell-outs even though we all know they aren’t. They still maintain they are solvent but a blind man running for the bus can read their balance sheet and know they aint.

Oh I could go on but I’d drive myself daft

Its madness, sheer madness.

march madness

1 thought on “March madness – Am I going mad?

  1. mcallister-of-ongar-in-exile

    I think you could be accused of self harm by inhaling all the poison gas you write about. It is simply obvious that Scotland is a divided country. On the one side there are those with clear vision who recognise the idiocy of law, regulation and governance that has performed summersaults to trap and entangle them in what you refer to as March madness. On the other we have a disillusional breed who, emotionally obsessed with historical distortion, see themselves as the rightful heirs of Wallace’s “Braveheart” inheritance that, in their eyes, includes the preservation of Scottish racial, religious and dominant institutional bias. The problem as I see it, is that the self-deluded hold the upper hand for the moment and until the “neutral” majority realise the utter stupidity and destructiveness of the delusional and act in unison against it, I can not see that altering. Consequently, there will be football scheming and fan harassment going on for years to come. So, for the time being at least, I have no expectation that the recipients of either will see any significant changes. And the one influence that could force change, the MSM, are more of a threat to Andrex toilet rolls on shop shelves than to the incompetents or charlatans. As for the rest of the media, perhaps the alternative meaning of B.B.C. viz. Bitter Bigot Corporation, tells its own story.

    However, my sincere congratulations on having admirably expressed the anger and frustration of many of us Mad March Hares.

    H H

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