Follow up to homeless campaign by @Dermo67

Follow up to homeless campaign

Hi folks,just a wee update on our homelessness campaign,thing have started really well,we have a good group of like minded folk all pulling in the same direction,we have had a few donations,we will be setting up a twitter account and a Facebook account ,we are deciding on a logo and we also have a song/ video to put out,and use of a building for meetings.
Now when I mentioned this on TCN I never expected the response ,the people who have came along are absolutely brilliant and I will never be able to thank them enough.
I never realised the problems we would encounter trying to help people,I mean the legal side and health and safety..but I know with our group we will overcome them.
I am writing this we blog just to let the people who responded to my previous blogs know that the campaign is still going and getting stronger.
The reason I have not mentioned names of the group members is that they have chosen to remain anonymous,the only backslapping we give is to donors,we are not in this for any other reason other than helping people less fortunate than ourselves.
I will give further updates as we progress.


2 thoughts on “Follow up to homeless campaign by @Dermo67

  1. As ever Dermot, my spirit is in the heart of you guys. If God made a heaven, you people are the skilled tradesmen who maintain it. I keep trying to do my wee bit down here too but my efforts are a teeny weeny splash in your ocean. I just want you to know there are folk like me who think you are the tops. But then, you are Celts.

    H H

  2. Thanks for your kind words Arthur,slow but sure is the way…keep your head up and don’t give up,every bit helps someone

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