Should Scotland be an independent country? Poll 2

Should Scotland be an independent country? Poll 2

This is our 2nd monthly Poll leading up to the Referendum. Please remember you are not voting for a party but a proposition.

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9 thoughts on “Should Scotland be an independent country? Poll 2

  1. has to be yes , lets make history and vote yes . the whole no campain is all scare tactics trying to use fear to keep us under english rule .
    grow a set and vote YES

  2. Only the people caught up in the Remembrance Day ‘celebrations’ over at ibrox have a misplaced sense of Britishness and the union. The sensible, free thinking scots will vote to stop subsidising the rest of the uk.

  3. For the average Scot it’s a no brainer. Tweedledee & Tweededum parties in Westminster are not the answer for us. We couldn’t do any worse (naw wie couldn’t). The Scots with vested interest in status quo will have to deal with the new reality come May 2016. Bring it on!!

  4. No more Scots boys involved in Imperial adventures under that shamed flag. Time to strike back and end the bully boy tactics of ‘Great’ Britain and join the international community of nations.

  5. Lets be honest …. it makes no difference WHO sets the rules , none of them work for the people … just the corporations … voting is just a scam to make you think you have a choice …….. Magna Carta , Article 61 for me 😉

  6. Voting YES is playing into the hands of the current Scottish establishment which is WASPISH in its applied thinking , currently and historically dominated by Freemasonry , the Orange Order and the established Church of Scotland 18th/ 19th / 20th century thinking related to values mores and applied interpretation of the law and socio – economic interactions involving its legitimate citizens .
    . .
    My wife [ Presbyterian by birth ] and I [ Catholic by birth ], ,but both free of the born – into religious yokes, could not progress in our fields as Secondary School teachers because of our democratic stance as non – religious in our beliefs . We saw little choice but to emigrate to get a fair crack from the employment whip !

    Scotland now,, by statistical evidence based on church attendance [ not stated affiliation ] , is a secular society,and yet it allows and encourages institutionalized sectarianism against Scottish Catholics.. The historical and current evidence is irrefutable.

    To be Scottish by birth [ which we are proud of and never deny ] and British by choice [ for the democratic freedom it allowed us in the face of Scottish religious parochialism ] we can not participate in the referendum , which is the right of only the country’s current citizenry .We would encourage voters , however , to be careful of what they think they want and what they might actually get when they come to cast their votes .

    As Billy Connolly said : only in Scotland when you say you are an atheist or an agnostic in answer to the question of what school you attended , or what football team you support , your inquisitor will reply with , ‘ Aye , but whit kind ? A Protestant or a Catholic ? ”

    From the above , you should have guessed what team I support and little else that should jeopardize my chances of employment in my professional field in a democratic secular society. .


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