Congratulations -“Football without fans is nothing”

Congratulations -“Football without fans is nothing”

Questions need to be asked.

Celtic won their 45th title last night at Firhill. No disrespect to the Jags but it was on the cards. After the game was finished and the league was won there was a minor pitch invasion. I say minor because it was in comparison with any one I and many others have been involved with. This caused some consternation and outrage on social media. To be fair the moaners and seasonally offended were in the vast minority. Most fans were too busy enjoying what football fans enjoy…. winning things. There was no violence, aggression or ripping up of pitches, just punters running on and then back off the pitch.

What astonished me was the behavior of stewards at Firhill. Now before we go any further remember that these people have no legal authority. They are just people who do a crap job for a crap wage. They are just punters with a hi vis taking up the slack for an over priced Police force. So Imagine how pissed off I was when I seen one of these punters stopping the Captain of Celtic and his players going to celebrate with the supporters?

To be fair Broony looked as bewildered and pissed off as I was. What I’d love to know is when did this shite start? Personally I have never seen this before.

Now it would be easy enough to blame the guy who stopped Broony but the truth is someone well above the guy’s pay scale and more than likely employed by Police Scotland made the decision and gave the order that the team should not be allowed within 25 yards of their supporters. Has this practice ever been seen in Scottish football before ? I know that it happens at  Hampden after cup finals but the crowd are so far away from the pitch that it suites the majority of fans. However why last night ? What was so different from last season or Kilmarnock the year before ?

I don’t know but the truth is football is being ruined by the Police and the legal system in this country. Nothing is ever explained to the fans who pay their money, regardless of who they support. You are now being asked to shell out hundreds of pounds of hard earned cash to be classed as a potential criminal. And after last night it appears that the players you support and pay for are no longer allowed to engage and thank you.

Congratulations to Neil and the bhoys on winning the title, they deserve it. However as someone once said “Football without fans is nothing”. If the authorities are now denying fans and the players contact then the game is fucked.

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  1. Spot on mate.
    Another thing are we the only team that has players booked for running behind the goal and celebrating when we score!!!.MMMM.


  2. Yep, it almost seems like, as sevco aren’t in the Top League, then nobody is allowed to enjoy themselves.

  3. Compare last night to Tannadice…Dundee Utd nearly give you the keys and tell you to switch floodlights off…There was a plan in place last night no interaction between players and fans

  4. Good article Mr Broon.
    Unfortunately, or to be more precise as this is not really misfortune, it is cheating. It is the ‘authorities’ acting as they have always done against what they perceive as Fenians and upstarts, in their ignorance forgetting (conveniently) that we are an all-inclusive club, and always have been. (Over the years some of my best friends have been Protestants and Tims too. I love them all.) ‘Authorities’ aye, disgusting, lying, self-protecting, invisible scum. They may be ‘authorities’ by name but most definitely not in knowledge and that’s what really makes an authority : knowledge, not power.
    Sadly, this is not new. I’ve witnessed it for most of my life. However, with all their cheating and protecting of an extinct ‘institution’ from the Govan area, they couldn’t stop the death of the said ‘institution’, died 2012 and quickly forgotten. They (the ‘authorities’) also couldn’t stop me witnessing the 1st club in the UK to win the European Cup, the 1st club to win 9 in a row (hello).
    Personally I hope they choke on their bias and bigotry. However, no matter what they do, we will always be Celtic, all-inclusive Champions for (currently) 3 in a row, and counting.
    HAIL ! HAIL ! Come on ye Bhoys in Green.

  5. Wullie

    If you are angered by what went on last night with the most incompetent group of “up their own arses” security men (and that was seeing it on a small screen from as far down as Northumberland. God knows what it was like actually being in Partick), you should read the Partick Thistle official statement. I have been around for what most would say is too long but during that time I always felt Thistle were “with us” in spite of the League Cup 4-1 hammering. But that statement this morning was one of the most insulting comments on Celtic fans I have ever read. It was the innuendos that were really annoying, saying it without actually using the words, just like the sly cowardly press reporters normally do. So once again Celtic’s name gets tarnished because of the amateurishness of the stewards and the pig headedness of one publicity seeker in particular.

    Maybe we have no friends after all. But then, we have had to stand alone for most of the time anyway, so what’s changed there. I think it is something to be given serious consideration when voting in September. And I would still love to be informed what in real terms you are voting for either way. Not one person I have have spoken to or listened to can tell me anything other than yes, independence, no, stay in the UK. I ask again, “What does that mean in reality for you who live up there?” And please, nobody say, “We will be free to govern ourselves.” What, in the current international environment? Like Crimea, say? Fine till someone from a foreign country fancies owning the Highlands – sorry, they already do. And what will Westminster’s reaction be? Let you sink or swim or provide a hand with the transition? I know the general feeling down here is if you say yes then “fuck you!”. And if you stay, they WILL “fuck you!” for it. And one final comment. Why was there not a minimum percentage of votes required for them to be legitimate and representative? That way the door would not be bolted for ever if the numbers were unrealistically low. No, one more; was it all not too rushed for comfort in the end? I guess you guys know best. My hope is that, like the good Celtic men you are, you vote with your heads and not your hearts and with at least some knowledge of what you are letting yourselves in for. I am on the side of what will make you happy. 10 in a row probably 🙂

    My congratulations to the club, Neil Lennon and the staff and the players. But above all, well done to the supporters who have put in a bloody hard but rewarding season fighting a variety of corners that have been literally screaming out for justice, equality and honesty as well as providing unprecedented levels of help and support in the spirit of Walfrid all year round. Really well done to you all. You transform any lingering sadness into envious admiration.

    And finally, Wullie and Shaun especially, but all you other contributors too, a massive thank you for giving ordinary guys and auld farts like me so much information and enjoyable reading throughout the season. It is top notch stuff and a powerful sweetener that takes away the media bad taste that fills the mouth even when you don’t read it. Long may it continue. It has also given us on many an occasion the opportunity to vent our anger on line instead of on the wife. I know for me, it has not only reduced the lumps on my bald napper but saved a fortune in smashed crockery :). She has actually started serving my dinner – when she feeds me – on plates again. So thanks and I will not be submitting the hospital bills this season, Wullie, just as King will not be submitting 50 milion any time soon either – I wouldn’t go spending money on a safe.

    H H

    1. Hi Arthur, thanks for your kind words. I hadn’t read the PTFC statement. After reading it I will be contacting John Paul Taylor at to highlight their sneaky statement. I will also be contacting PTFC to demand an explanation.
      I’m certainly seeing Thistle in a different light now.


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