Thistle’s Veiled Attack On Celtic Fans

Thistle’s Veiled Attack On Celtic Fans

Partick Thistle Vs Celtic – a club statement
Thursday 27th March at 12:38

During the course of last night’s match it became apparent that a number of away fans had obtained tickets in sections designated for home support. We would like to apologise to all Thistle fans and, in particular, to any that felt intimidated or uneasy1 as the match progressed.

Unfortunately, due to the exceptional circumstances of Celtic being able to win the league, interest in the game was higher than usual2. We would like to emphasise that every possible effort was made by the club to ensure that any tickets sold for areas of the stadium designated for home support were not knowingly sold to away supporters3 and, anybody requesting Celtic tickets, were turned away.

Obviously last night was not the type of atmosphere we expect or encourage at Firhill4. We will be closely reviewing our match day operations and sales procedures to help ensure that a similar situation never happens again. As part of the review process we will be liaising with supporters’ groups to gather feedback, as we continue to try and improve the match day experience.

The above statement was published on Partick Thistle’s website yesterday. To say that I am very disappointed at the tone of the statement would be an understatement. However the fact that it alludes to intimidating or other bad behavior by Celtic fans with no credible evidence demands either an explanation or an apology to our supporters from Partick Thistle FC.

I would like an explanation or proof of the following.

  1. What intimidation went on, was this reported to the Police. Do PTFC have real evidence to back up this claim ?
  2. In what way is it considered unfortunate that your club has its profile raised and your coffers filled because interest in the game was higher than usual?
  3. It appeared clear to myself and many others that Celtic fans would be purchasing tickets for any area of the ground considering Aberdeens result on Tuesday. What steps did PTFC take to ensure Celtic fans did not get tickets or gain access to the home support areas ? Was there extra steps taken or was a blind eye turned to ensure PTFC made more money?
  4. What type of atmosphere do PTFC normally expect ? What was wrong with the atmosphere and was their any risk of violence ?

Admittedly a small number of our fans went onto the park after the game but other than that what exactly went on to make PTFC come out with this statement? I’m all too aware that if there was any other bad or unacceptable behavior by our support that we would know all about it via Celtic fans on social media.

Once again it seems like other clubs are happy to take our money then have a cheap dig at our support to cover their own shortcomings. I personally find their statement as it stands as unacceptable.

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5 thoughts on “Thistle’s Veiled Attack On Celtic Fans

  1. according to Bhoys i know, Thistle took NO precautions whatsoever. One fella turned up in full Celtic gear, flag around his neck, scarves etc,and they happily sold him 4 tickets. They are hypocrites,and once again Celtic as a club should challenge then on their lies. HH

  2. I was in the away end nearest the Celtic support behind the goal,and if there was any intimidation it certainly wasn’t from Celtic fans.
    I would suggest that Partick thistle don’t sell tickets to “sevco casuals” as I had the misfortune to be threatened for not singing such dittys as “jimmy saville,he’s one of your own” “who sh***ed all the boys” et cetera…
    This robust policing by PT just didn’t take place,we registered and bought tickets without any question and were there to watch a game of football and put money into PT coffers at the same time.
    I’d like to take issue with the policing when Ned’s are allowed to run rampant in a main stand and threaten anyone who doesn’t conform to their sectarian and racist viewpoint.
    I’m quite sure if it was Celtic fans they would have been arrested.


    1. fans who were there and witnessed this crap will hopefully contact Celtic directly top let them know what liarst Thistle are mate. HH

    1. happy to take the money, then utter nonsense reported afterwards. some of their fans mustve dropped a scone, or their flask!

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