Black dog (depression) by @Dermo67

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Black dog (depression)

Well here I am 3 am, writing about depression again, I know most of you will be thinking, not that old chestnut again.

Well one of the reasons I write about it is that you can only offload so much onto your family, so you lot are my shoulder to cry on…oh yes I mean that literally, I sit here and have a good greet, yea men do cry…I am not crying because I want sympathy, it’s another release mechanism for me, I feel better after a good greet, every depression sufferer has a different way of coping.

Now I ask myself, if that’s the way I feel I wonder how many other people round the world feel this way but have never been to see a doctor for help, a lot of people don’t realise they have depression and their life must be terrible not knowing why they are feeling the way they do, so I suggest if you are feeling that there is something not right with you, go and see a doctor, I hope you are lucky and get a doctor as good as mine, he put me on the right road for treatment.

I knew this was coming over a few days when I was short tempered with people, and esp. a guy at my work got both barrels, just for saying something that I would normally just ignore or make a joke about. I will apologise to him when I go back, and explain why I was like that.

Soon I will be doing one of Billy No ‘well’s radio shows on the subject of depression, people can ask questions about the subject, I am not an expert on the subject but if we can guide people in the right direction and they get help, then that’s a start.

Please feel free to ask questions in the comments section after this wee blog.

Depression is a horrible disease, but you don’t have to suffer on your own, there are people out there who will help, use them and don’t suffer on your own.
Feel free to DM me with your question and we will try and give you an answer,

Dermot or @Dermo67 on twitter..
Look after yourself.

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13 thoughts on “Black dog (depression) by @Dermo67

  1. Do you believe that it can be overcome by medicine or exercise.
    Or is it a life long illness?

    1. Dermot..
      What you are doing here is self healing. I started my own blog (Deleted now) to as you put it, offload some thoughts. I couldn’t keep giving it to my family. I suffered depression for years and taught myself how not to, trick of the mind if you like. I have passed it on to many, and to good success..
      We can’t spend our lives under a black cloud it would be so unfair on you and your family.
      So we find ways to make us better. I decided having Dawn and 4 kids, 2 daughters 3 and 4 I couldn’t let them see this, I didn’t want them to grow knowing. So I seen a Dr and he told me a way. I taught myself it, took a while, and now I am depression free.

      I have Skype, you want me to tell you, teach you? I am more that willing my friend.
      You say “not that old chestnut again.” people may be thinking, sadly some do think this way mate.
      But feck them, this is about you. And believe it or not you are helping others step out of the darkness as well. 2 year ago I was VERY, VERY ILL MAN, Today I am relaxed but sore. I needed to get that cloud gone. When it comes now, a few minutes later it floats away.

      You may say “Oh feck it’s Shaun again” And I know many will..
      But I can help you mate. I opened the Door mate, you need to trust me to walk through it.

      Take care

      1. I agree with your comments Shaun,but I think we have so many treatments now,whether it be medicine,exercise and just going to see someone,mines tends to be very intermittent so I feel with medicine I can keep it a bay for long times.

        1. I still get it, I just know how to trick the mind. I came off ALL medication I was on. I know where my pain is now and it made no difference. Medication for pain was a waste.
          Depression as you know is a chemical release..
          ..It’s about tricking the mind to release another chemical. It can take a while to master. But if you want to know how to, I can show ya..Nothing to lose right? #HH

    2. We can overcome John, when we deny ourselves the right to say NO to depression we give in. It is winnable. Read below, the door is open to anyone.


    3. It depends on which type of depression you have. Some people have short periods maybe lasting 3 months then they are well and many will never suffer it again. Personally I suffer from another type that is basically with you for life but it can be managed through self awareness and a combination of exercise and occasionally medication. I’ve learned to see the signs so therefor I can pre empt it and manage it so that I can get back to health relatively quickly.

      The main thing is sharing information with friends and family, it’s hard but the best thing you can do is tell someone and above all tell your Doctor how you feel. The fact that guy’s like Dermot and myself feel more comfortable sharing our experiences with others shows that attitudes are beginning to change.

      1. Attitudes will take a while to change,people are scared of the words “mental health”..but given time it will change

    4. You can try and overcome it by various methods,I choose medication,the problem is you never know when it is going to come on,medicine keeps you on a certain level,exercise is recommended but not everyone can exercise …each to their own treatment as long as they feel the benefit.

  2. I would never be so presumptuous as to try to offer advice on this subject even though I had to deal with depression of my own for a few years and of family members who suffered both short and long term. All I know is that when I had it several years ago, one of the biggest problems was the lack of understanding not just in society but even among medical professionals. There were several standard “remedies”, some pretty drastic like ECT, or pills, pills and more pills each one offsetting another. The real problem was that doctors were afraid of the illness themselves because they actually did not really understand it, especially G.Ps. So, for many the answer was to either pass you over to “mental hospitals” for “treatment” or feed you with pills that tended to add to the problem rather than solve it. There was also a resentment towards any alternative methods such as counselling, which in the end, for me anyway, proved a success.

    One thing I can do is empathise with all you guys. Yes, I too have shed buckets and despaired of a light ever appearing at the end of that very dark tunnel. I too have added to my downers by becoming even more guilt ridden about stresses and strains on family and friends. I too have had to fight to distinguish between sympathy-seeking and discovering who I actually am, warts and all. But, I have been blessed with a “cure” which anyone who suffers depression will tell you is absolutely individual and personal. One of the greatest flaws of medication was, and I think it is still a weak link though perhaps less so as awareness and knowledge is improved, pigeon-holing people and categorising treatments. There is simply no universal opiate since the illness is absolutely individual.

    Whether I am talking a little sense or utter nonsense does not diminish my support for you guys. I know I felt hellish when I was in there. I still live in dread of going there again. Fortunately, like Wullie, I have learned to recognise the triggers and am, very fortunately, able to halt any further development. It is a wonderful opportunity to be able to offload on here. There are obviously those of us who understand completely and are happy to listen. I found a willing ear and a soft shoulder were the best medication.

    H H

    1. Well said Arthur, spot on with the triggers. Knowing the triggers can be a huge help.I gave up on pills and tricked my brain as I said in another comment here. I didn’t think I could do it but thanks to a good friend who happened to be my old Dr I did it. I still get the black clouds but they pass right over me like a rain cloud.

      As I said, I would be MORE than happy to help anyone, this takes 5 minutes to explain and a few months to get to know how to get it working. Pills don’t work, as you say Pills counter other pills. Due to my Fibromyalgia I was on 14 different medications a Day! LOL

      Only 4 were for pain, the other 10 were to help with internal damage the other 4 were doing.
      The human mind sends fake signals for pain to my central nervous system.
      Like depression, the same signals get sent, chemicals. So we stop it, we trick the mind.I live in agony every day of my life, all over body toothache pain. But the way I see it is many are worse and people die. I am not dying, just a shit life with pain. Family on board helps with any illness, understanding helps. When we get resistance from loved ones it makes us go backwards.

      So it’s tricky. But I stand by, it’s out brain, we can control it.


  3. Dermo, was just thinking about you the other day, I am just “over” my last bout been back at work bout six weeks, never seen it coming. sorry you are meeting your auld enemy again thoughts are wiyh you. My way of overcoming it is through medication, walking and music, music usually the last one to kick in and then I know I am coming out the other side. If any little bit of information, “fix” can help others I am glad to share. Harry

  4. Keep it in the day and don’t let things out with your control weigh you down 🙂 if medication works then use it

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