Leigh Griffiths – Racist ?

Leigh Griffiths – Racist ?

Well we all knew he was capable of it before he signed, so why the moral outrage when it is allegedly confirmed by that bastion of truth and dignity the Daily Record ? Remember this is a paper that stinks of rotten succulent lamb and certainly could not be in any way described as a pro Celtic newspaper. Thugs and Thieves anyone, The constant demonisation of Neil Lennon  ? The Record taking the moral high ground is akin to Kim Jong-un winning humanitarian of the Century.

Racism in any form is disgusting , it shows a lack of reasoned thinking. However Celtic fans jumping on the moral outrage bandwagon without looking at that video in perspective really annoys me. First of all it is clear that this video was taken before Celtic fined and gave Griffiths a warning about his future behavior. Therefor we can’t tell if he has changed his ways since. If the video was taken after Celtic disciplined him then I would be happy for him to part company with us. But it wasn’t.

So what happens now, will Celtic take further actions, will the SFA issue a notice of compliance ??  Also have Celtic seen the video released today and if so was it part of last weeks disciplinary measures ?  No doubt we’ll find out soon enough.

Sadly it’s now the case that some people on social media are sitting about just waiting for the next ‘outrage’ to come along so they can tell us all what lovely moral citizens they are. I’m personally very wary of such people.


6 thoughts on “Leigh Griffiths – Racist ?

  1. if it’s refering to the rudi skatchel song hibs fans said he did not sing any racist part of that song he stood on the chair but did not sing .h.h

  2. Wullie

    I have not seen the video as yet and have no intention of making a judgement based on the only paper in the world that makes toilet rolls embarrassed. However, I am wary of some comments that are concentrating on “whataboutery”. We simply can not use that excuse when we so regularly condemned another club and its irresponsible support for doing that very thing. Besides, it just is not an excuse.

    Having said that, I will wait till the facts are released in full and not while a discredited and patently bigoted paper is the lead on the story. Like you, I would very happily accept that Griffiths goes if he is guilty of out and out racist comments. And if he is just being immature and reckless, I would understand the club still considering his employment situation. Our players, young and old, must realise that in this modern technical age, their behaviour is almost constantly in the public domain and has to be impeccable at all times. It is not just the impact on themselves of their behaviour. It is the more serious and important question of Celtic’s reputation.

    It would appear, when all is said and done, that the full facts are not available as yet and even the timings could be doctored to suit the reporters’ thirst for sensationalism. As such, no one is entitled to make judgements, above all newspapers that have in the past ignored, justified or even condoned racist and sectarian bile from other quarters. Blue rooms are not distinguishable from whited sepulchres.

    H H

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