Thanks For Your Donations

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Thanks For Your Donations

Big thanks to all who kindly donated their hard earned cash and those who took out adverts on TCN. Due to your kindness the site is secure for another year and there is some money left over which will be added to by me and donated to Thai Tims and buying a season ticket for KANO season 2014/15.

Altogether you donated a generous £540. Your donations were spent on the following:

  • 1 years cloud hosting £480.00 inc VAT
  • Professional Security software £42
  • Donation to KANO and Thai Tims £100 (pending)

Money brought in £540 – Money going back out £622 (Including money from me)

I am currently developing TCN ver 3.0 which will allow the site to host multiple blogs mainly to offer our partner sites direct links to TCN’s Social media accounts. My hope is that they will be able to reach more people on a global scale.

I will also be introducing a voluntary monthly subscription my hope is that through this the site will be self funding and I won’t have to send out the annual SOS, which to be honest makes me feel embarrassed.

Once again thank you for your donations and support. Also a big thank you to all our visitors for your continued support.

Finally Thanks to Shaun Gibson who has been fantastic in donating his time and has ensured that our Live blog has been a great success.

Hail, Hail

Wullie. xx


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