25 Years – In Remembrance of The 96


25 Years – In Remembrance of The 96

25 years ago on this day 96 of football supporters went to a game and never came home. A tragedy of epic proportions and for those of us old enough to remember football stadiums in those days a reminder that it could have happened to any of us, on many occasions.

What sets the tragic events that brought the end of 96 innocent people apart is the disgraceful aftermath, inflicted on them by the Police, the British establishment and elements of the 4rth estate. What was perpetrated against the victims and their families by these lowlifes represents the largest and most vile cover up in UK sporting and judicial history. That is my opinion anyway.

So it is not only right that today we remember the 96 it is also a day to stand shoulder to shoulder with the families who have fought tirelessly to expose the truth. I am very proud that Celtic FC and our support along with others were able to be a comfort to those who were left behind. I’m also proud that we have stood beside the decent people who demand justice for the 96. However today is all about remembrance and the thoughts of TCN go out to the victims and their families. May the the 96 rest in peace. YNWA.

2 thoughts on “25 Years – In Remembrance of The 96

  1. It looks like justice might yet be served. It proves that the establishment can be overcome if the will is there to challenge it.

    R.I.P. and prayers.

    H H

    1. Meant to add, it may be the time to remember our own Scottish tragedy, the Ibrox Disaster. There were many grey areas in the aftermath of that one too.

      R.I.P. and prayers

      H H

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