Around Celtic Park Apr 2014

Around Celtic Park Apr 2014

Some images from the works going on around Celtic Park taken on Tuesday 15th of April 2014. Most of the building work is completed with mainly landscaping left to be done.

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6 thoughts on “Around Celtic Park Apr 2014

  1. Gees, Wullie! How am I going to get “mister” tae gies a leg o’er that lot? It looks like you could go in in your bare feet now instead of wellies and waders. What have they done with the beer cans and the pish? I thought they were an integral part of stadium entrances. 🙂 “The times they are a changin’.”

    I really must try to get up and have a peak some time soon.

    H H

  2. Going to take a wee look tonight,during my evening…….ahem ! constatunal/saunter/wander/awright !! after a bevy and a stagger up the frog an toad………byriway !!!

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